Army Joins Police To Battle Besigye Supporters In Mbarara


cheap geneva;”>The FDC leader’s Land Cruiser brand car was intercepted along the High Street in Mbarara town by a group of heavily armed security forces at around 10:00pm.

website geneva;”>He was instructed to disembark the car or get forcefully removed. As all this happened, find word went around that security had closed in on the opposition leader.

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A few minutes later, hundreds of Col Besigye’s supporters stormed the town to rescue him.

As the standoff between security and Besigye heightened, the crowd became violent, pelting stones at police.

This sparked off a bitter and violent confrontation between security forces and Besigye’s supporters.

Police used live bullets and teargas to disperse the crowd.

However, Police publicist Judith Nabakooba says Besigye “is the one who parked in the middle of the road.”

“We did not arrest him. He just stopped in the middle of the road and started addressing people. We had to clear the way for other road users. But after negotiations he proceeded with his journey,” Nabakooba told Chimpreports news desk.

Besigye has in the past had violent clashes with police during political activities in Kampala.

Besigye’s supporters rioting at High Street in Mbarara town


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