M7 Lectures Sheema Farmers On Modern Agricultural Techniques

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The President was meeting members of Sheema Development Women’s Forum who called on him yesterday at his country home of Rwakitura yesterday in Kiruhuura district. He expressed happiness that the women of Sheema District had embraced efforts to fight household poverty and noted that they only needed assistance to boost their ventures.

He, therefore, urged women in particular and all wananchi in general to appreciate the addition value to whatever production activities that are undertaken including hand-crafts. He criticized elements in our society that despise hand-work saying such people do not know the value of that vocation. He told the Sheema delegation that people who possess technical education skills stand better opportunities in the employment market. He stressed the need to promote technical education in Uganda.

Turning to the health sector, the President revealed that the NRM Government has succeeded in immunizing children in the country against 6 immunizable killer diseases. He affirmed Government concern about the health of women in Uganda adding that a programme of administering the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer had been intensified. He noted that immunization, good hygiene and nutrition were very crucial to the welfare of the people.

Regarding improving household income efforts to get rid of poverty in people’s homesteads, the President suggested that people who own at least four acres of land should allocate one acre to the cultivation of clonal coffee, another acre to bananas, one to fruits and the fourth to elephant grass for purposes of zero grazing for dairy cows. He also cautioned men against polygamy adding that to promote harmony, those who embrace it should ensure they allot separate homes and land to their spouses in order to avoid incessant conflicts over property.

Museveni cautioned the members of Sheema Development Women’s Forum against land fragmentation activities.

He advised them in particular and the people of Uganda in general that the best arrangement should entail sharing of the income accruing from productive activities from the consolidated family land holdings instead of dividing land particularly at the time of inheritance which, he said, renders land to be quite uneconomic.

He encouraged members of the Forum to advance from merely weaving cloth and embark on designing and tailoring as a way of adding value to their activities in order to earn better income from their sweat.

He promised to link officials of Nyaruzinga Banana Project to the people of Sheema District in order to help wananchi improve the status of the fertility of the soil in the area.

He also pledged a donation of hatcheries to the Forum as a way of boosting poultry production activities as well as encouraging the introduction of wineries. The President announced to the Forum members that he would donate 4 tractors to their organization.

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