The Rise And Fall Of Goodlyfe Crew


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They started off well with churning out hit after hit such as Nakudata ,Zuena among others though many in the industry especially a couple of West African musicians have accused them of simply being copy and paste musicians who are only good at interpreting English songs into Luganda and getting away with it.

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One of the babes who caused tension in nyanama

They initially had members like GNL Zamba, the late Mr. X, Gift of Kado and Diamond Oscar who have also left the now troubled group for greener pastures.

Nyanama Becomes The No.1 Entertainment Address

If there is one thing that will never be taken away from the duo was its way of making hits out of simple lyrics thanks to their unrivaled combination of Radio’s soothing voice and Weasel’s cracked up patios rap joints that could easily have passed as lullabies for even up to today many a music fan still enjoy their tunes.

Radio taking a spin with Natsha Sinayobwe

With the combination of ace producers like Washington who they later took on when they set up their own studio in Nyanama, the pair’s studio became one of the most sought-after entertainment destinations for both upcoming and established musicians.

In comes Jeff Kiwanuka

With success coming their way at a very rapid pace it was such a relief when they got in touch with one Jeff Kiwanuka, then a successful show overseer who initially connected them to so many promoters who gave them multimillion event deals.

Times have really changed from whiskey to beer

The two amateur singers entrusted both their talent and management to Jeff who later after years of great service was accused of running off with the duo’s assets like land titles, Car log books and money. The trio up to now is yet to fully solve the said issues

Booze, sex and drugs shake Goodlyfe

With the success of their hits and lots of money coming in, Moze and Weasel who were then affiliated to one of the biggest breweries in the country, acquired an endorsement that included the brewing company availing them with a fully stocked up fridge that had at least five crates of beer every other day.

The duo with Karitas Karisimbi

With this beer and other hard core liquor, Nyanama turned into a booze chamber and weed smocking avenue. The camp was also hit by allegations of “sharing girls.”

However, after falling short of clearing rent arrears, the fear of some parents seeing their children getting attached to the singers and complaints from their neighbors of making lots of noise and endless fights at the house, the musicians were given marching orders by the landlord which forced them to relocate to Makindye in Kizungu zone – their own version of ‘NeverLand’

The duo with veteran ragamuffin shanks with whom they recorded DUDU

Good Lyfe Succumbs To Bad Boy Image

Goodlyfe’s own undoing has been there bad boy image where they finally thought that they were bigger than the industry.

It is said that the pair had until very recently had a history of enjoying promoters’ money and not showing up for shows or simply will pass by the venue before making more outrageous demands, the latest incident being at the now defunct Planet Sports Bar in Nalaaya a few weeks ago.

It is said that the events manager, a one Herain had paid the guys close to Shs1.5m but when they reached the venue and saw a bigger crowd they demanded for more cash and a flow of the most expensive whiskeys at the joint.

The Group recently !!

Being the no nonsense fellow that he is, he gave them matching orders. With this kind of behavior many promoters or show organizers have been very reluctant to sign on the two artistes.

Even their recruitment of big names like Chagga and veteran Raga rapper Shanks V V dee was a very bad decision they are regretting

Lillian’ tears Good Lyfe apart

With the obbssesions

If there is one person who is known for uneasiness at the Goodlyfe camp it is singer and girlfriend to Radio, Lillian Mbabazi.

Insiders tell us that she tried to bring sanity back into their Makindye address.

However, with the flashy life style of having fun 24/7, her mission yielded little results and was forced to move out with her kid who she said couldn’t live in such an environment.

Airplay and Club Ban Seals Goodlyfe Fate

It all started when the Goodlyfe had issues with a number 1 entertainment club in industrial area and later released a song titled Kidula which was decampaigning the nightspot.

They also had a misunderstanding with a multimedia house whose boss is said to have ordered a total media blackout on the duo and thus there recent release of yet another get back song titled Bakasitoma. The song abuses Robert Kabushenga and Vision Group.

Entertainment analysts tell us that falling out with such a big mover in the media industry is like one signing their own death warrant and that it has harmed them more than they thought it would.

Singer Jose Chameleone was at one time in the same mix but was quick to apologize to the media house he had offended.

Hits disappear and Weasel reported Ill

For the last few months the Duo have not had a chart-bursting song and it seems that there hit granary has finally dried up though they are trying to contact top song writers to save their career. However, with their prior dependence on bubblegum music, they have failed to hit the notch.

With their former boss Chameleone

This is one of the reasons why they had decided to switch to South Africa.

However, we hear that their stay there was so expensive that they opted to come back home and face the ugly reality of being side lined by promoters.

Insiders have also exclusively told us that singer Weasel of late has been in failing health and that these days he spends more time with his physicians than in the studio.

With all the above problems being faced by the duo it will be by only divine intervention that they will manage to sail though .We only pray that he gets better soon.


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