Barbie Denies Bobi Relationship Rift

ask geneva;”>There were reports in the media that the two were fighting after a rumor that the singer has been contacting the mother of his other kid Safiina Mukiibi who leaves in the United Kingdom.

We can confirm that though there has been fire in Magere, the ugly truth is that Barbie accepted the reality that her hubby has gotten another woman.

However Barbie hit back a few hours ago on her Facebook page stating that

‘’ Whoever is spreading the rumor that me and Bobi are at the verge of splitting should ZIP IT! I have been silent about it but the “ulcer” is spreading further. I said it 12 years ago and will say it forever. I am here to stay and happily living with my best friend,” she said.

“Mulewo, mulekele ani darling wange? sinobangako ela ewaffe tetunoba mukimanyiire!! munoonye olugambo olulala. Paparazzi, stop calling me asking me about that nonsense, you can do better!” she added.

Over to you Barbie!!


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