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Police Crash City Armed Robbers Roadblock At Namirembe


viagra 60mg geneva;”>Asuman Matovu, Bernard Kakooza, Hassan Mutihi and Faruok Kimene, residents of Namugona, Nateete and Salaama Road respectively, ambushed Senyondo in Katwe last month as he traveled home before hacking him to death.

They also stole his American Horse motor cycle.

Detectives say the suspects have been behind a spate of murders in the area considering they were intercepted by a police squad after staging a road block in Namirembe on Monday night.

Hasan and Farouk after thier arrest

Chimp Corps have established that police recovered several iron bar pieces, an assault A4 47 rifle, machetes and car spare parts at Matovu’s residence in Namungona, a Kampala suburb.

It is believed Matovu has since been the ring leader of the racket.

During interrogation, said Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi, the suspects admitted to killing people and selling stolen car spare parts in South Sudan and Congo.

Asuman after being arrested

“They will be charged with murder and armed robbery,” said Ssenkumbi.


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