Under Fire “Tribalist” MP Nabillah Blasts Journalists


sickness geneva; font-size: small;”>The controversial legislator is in the eye of the storm for making comments on Akabozi Kubiri radio station early this week that critical journalists believe rebuked Easterners and Northerners.

prescription geneva; font-size: small;”>Drama started unfolding when Daily Monitor’s Chris Obore used his Facebook wall, blasting Nabillah for telling radio listeners that “people from across the Nile cannot be elected to national positions because they are still being studied by even those in opposition.”

“I believe there are leaders from the North and East just like in other regions. It’s discrimination that is the stupid thing here,” observed Obore.

The post attracted a torrent of comments with many bashing Nabillah for what they described as “unbecoming behavior.”

It appears the MP was informed that her remarks had sparked a storm on social network Facebook.

With fury, Nabillah responded today: “I am deeply disturbed that individuals, some claiming to be journalists and highly skilled at negative propaganda can use social media, to divert the attention from real issues surrounding the FDC party primaries for the presidency.”

She added: “I am surely above such! I am not petty, nor entrenched in sectarianism! Those that are engaging in such want to drag all of us into their desired debate.”

She claimed being a “known proponent for a Uganda, free of such vices!”

Maybe, said Nabillah, “that’s why I am being targeted.”

“I refuse to sink to such lows! Some camps are latching on to sectarian sentiments to whip up a storm and consequently reducing these campaigns to a cheap propaganda process! Why don’t they checkout the real people doing the tribal talk rounds,” Nabillah blasted the journalists.

But Chimp Corps have since established that during the talk show, Nabillah was asked by presenter PK whether she was still “One Uganda One People” by claiming “people from across the Nile are being studied.”

The legislator answered: “Yes, we are studying them.”

Observers say Nabillah should own up to her tribal tirades than politicize the saga and divert attention by attacking the journalists.

The incident also exposes the shallow thinking of Uganda opposition politicians in their bid to replace a government they describe as sectarian.

Ugandans on Facebook have also asked Nabillah to apologise for her hurting comments.


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