Goodlyfe On The Brink Of Collapse


malady case geneva;”>Our source and an insider in the Makindye based group said that it is because of the unpaid loans that caused a misunderstanding between the pair.

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Previously the duo lost a lot of their investments like land through their former manager Jeff Kiwanuka, now their ‘Monday Money Saver’ theme night at the Hi Table restaurant has been taken over by fellow singer Sheeba.

It is said that the guys who have been the bad boys in the industry have not had a major gig for months now and have been selling off their fancy rides like the Noah which was sold off a few days ago.

To make matters worse, we hear that Weasel has lately been having issues with his health and also Radio has been having problems with his girlfriend Lillian.

Watch out for a detailed investigation on the melee on Friday.


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