Women Wooed by Muntu’s Good Character And Military Background


viagra http://cooperatition.org/wp-admin/includes/nav-menu.php geneva;”>According to this poll which was released by Research World International (RWI), prostate women’s response to vote for Muntu increased between the month of September and October from 46 percent to 51 purchase geneva; font-size: small;”>percent and Nandala Mafabi’s decreased from 25 percent to 20 percent.

The reasons why FDC delegates think Muntu is the best to lead the Party are because of his military background and good character with 58 and 34 votes respectively. Well as others believe in Mafabi’s good mobilization skills and regional balance with 43 and 33 votes respectively.

Muntu is leading in the poll with a 49 percent margin in the FDC presidential race with Mafabi coming second with a 25 percent and MP Geoffrey Ekanya with a 3 percent.

The strongest hold for Muntu is North Western and North Eastern regions with 65 percent and 62 percent votes respectively especially in the Lango and West Nile sub-regions with 74 percent and 65 percent votes. While that of Mafabi is Teso and Elgon sub region with 44 percent and 51 percent votes respectively.

Dr. Patrick Wakida, the Firm’s Country Director said that one of the challenges they faced from the results of this poll is that they have been attacked by some of the candidates because its results.

“This poll has exposed the candidate’s areas of weakness and because of this some people are not happy about it. But a good friend is not one who massages the other for wrong things but the true,” said Wakida.

He also said that people can never accept the true and will always oppose the polls because they always wish they are the winners.

The highest age group of respondents in the poll is between the age of 35 and 44. Muntu has the highest number of voters according to the level of education from Post graduates and College /University respondents with 60 percent and 52 percent respectively and Mafabi from secondary school with 32 percent.

“The higher you go in education the more Mafabi falls,” said Wakida.

He also said that the methodology used in carrying out this poll is through telephoning and carrying out interviews. “We used a telephonic method where the respondents were called while recording the responses on the questionnaire,” said Wakida.

“We had 5 interviewers and the interviews took approximately 8 days. Data entry and tabulation were done in house at RWI,” he added on.

This opinion poll had three main objectives which are to get the delegates opinion on who they consider to be the most suited person to lead FDC, measure the drivers of choice among the delegates and to understand issues that are shaping the campaign.

“The population (universe) investigated in this study was made up of all Ugandan persons who are FDC delegates both in rural and urban areas. For the purpose of sample design, the delegate’s register of 2010 was used as the basis for estimating population distribution across regions,” said Wakida.

The total sample was 500 but they managed to reach 445 delegates who were talked to and their opinion sought.


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