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CONFESSION: US Philanthropists Fall Prey To Ugandan Internet Conmen


web http://codesiconsulting.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-post-data.php geneva;”>In an exclusive interview with Chimpreports investigations desk, viagra order Carol Vose, a US-based philanthropist recounts how Kasese teachers use internet to con her of her money and how the same racket has not spared other humanitarian groups.

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The incident is a big test of Uganda government in combating cyber crime.

Speaking at the third annual ISACA Information Security Workshop held at Kampala Protea Hotel, Kampala in August, Premier Amama Mbabazi said investment in information technology was one of the methods of spurring national development.

Mbabazi said government would partner with the private sector, civil society and development partners to uphold information security systems and curb the rise in cyber attacks.

The Premier acknowledged that if government hesitated in expeditiously embracing national security programs, the country would be subjected to attacks by criminals thus leading to cyber warfare and terrorism.

Other measures would include facilitation of data protection mechanisms, enforcing Computer Misuse Act, enacting more laws, training highly skilled personnel in ICT, massive awareness campaigns and taking initiatives to help in building capacity to deal with ICT risks.

At the same function, State Minister for ICT Nyombi Tembo admitted government was hugely concerned by the rise in the hacking of its ministries’ websites.

“It’s a government priority to combat this criminality by providing tools to strengthen security of institutions’ information systems,” he said.

Nyombi maintained government would protect “citizens from attacks and undue interference” and had already, as a strategic intervention; taken steps to provide equipment and computers for emergency response teams.

Briefing regional police commanders in Kampala last week, Lt Gen Kale Kayihura said the internet-linked criminality, whether in the form of cyber crime is facilitating all sorts of frauds.

Some of the kids whose pictures were used to diddle donors

Below is a confession by Carol, who alleges to have fallen prey to internet conmen in Kasese.

I was on television here in the USA, on a show for Coastal Living Magazine called Country Style. I no longer work due to cancer. Before the TV work I was for 23 years the teacher/director of a school for young children.

I joined a penpal site, Interpals, a couple of years ago. A couple of months ago I received a message via Interpal website from someone saying her name was Jovia Mbambu and she was from Kasese, in Road Barrier Village.

She said she was married to Uziah Kibaya, and has three children, Donna and dan, twins, and Kiiza, two years old.

Some of the kids whose pictures were used to diddle donors

She told me her husband does not have a job, that they are very poor, that the family suffers from malaria and can’t get medicine from the clinic. She said the children sleep poorly and cry from hunger.

She said she must carry a heavy water can on her back three times daily and they have no money for a bicycle that could help. She also said the children cannot attend school because they have no money.

On the same day, I received a second email from another woman, also from Kasese, saying her name is Janet Kiiza and her husband is Singyaholo Zepher.

Janet said she is very poor, that she has a six month old baby and the baby has been very ill in the hospital. Janet said she lives in Kasese district and her husband has no job. Both women said a friend was letting them use a computer to write to me. Janet’s emails were a bit happier than Jovia’s- Jovia’s letters were all full of her suffering.

As I already have been writing to a young man in Ghana and have been helping him out for two years, I did not at first doubt anything Janet or Jovia said to me. I offered to Jovia a promise to help the twins go to school.

I said I would pay their tuition and school fees. I said I wanted a letter from the school Head Master about the program and the fees. I wished this letter on school stationary with contact information.

Jovia sent me a scanned copy of a page, on school stationary, but not addressed to me, and it was only showing the fees and when they are due. The Head Master’s name was on it, Nzwende Eric, and an email address and phone numbers for the school.


Meanwhile, I had sent both Janet and Jovia $25 – American dollars by registered mail. The cost for me was a total of $77 including $27 fee for registered mail. Both Jovia and Janet sent me their addresses, both have a PO box in Kasese. (Jovia said she was going to use the money to buy food for the children.) As days went by, both Janet and Jovia sent me emails and many photographs.


I wrote an email to the Head Master, Nzwende Eric, to set up arrangements for the children to go to school. But, that email was returned to me “undeliverable- account closed”. I wrote an email telling this to Jovia, and quickly she wrote back saying the Head Master had gone to an internet cafe and had the email address re-opened.

Namhuga Kilembe Mines Primary School

This is when I became suspicious. I needed a way to check the facts of what Jovia had told me. To do that, I thought to contact a person in the Kasese community of good reputation. I thought to find a Kasese minister who might help me.

I wrote to a man who is a minister in Kasese and who runs a school and an orphanage.

The minister agreed to help me, he was going to visit with Jovia and her family and then with the Head Master Eric Nzwende at the Namhuga Kilembe Mines Primary School. The minister gave me his phone numbers so I could give them to Jovia so she might call him to set up a visit.

Shortly, the minister contacted me to say all this time I have never been writing to Jovia, that Jovia is actually a man named Kabau, who operates scams to get money from abroad. Kabau operates the scams from the internet cafe in Kasese. There is also another man, called Zepher Emmy, that Kabau told the minister is also writing to me.

Janet had said her husband is Singyaholho Zepher. Kabau says Zepher works at the internet cafe, whereas Janet had told me her husband has no job.

There may be a Jovia- but she is Joviah, a housemaid of Kabau’s. Kabau is married to another woman who has a position in a local agency; she takes her training in Kampala. It seems Kabau made the housemaid pregnant and she did have twins, but they are not starving and they are not poor.

The administration block of Namhuga Kilembe Mines Primary School


According to the minister, Kabau has been scamming “the whites” for a long time and with great success.

He has swindled thousands of dollars from people, especially in the UK.

Kabau invented a story for people in the UK that Jovia had been abducted by the rebels and made pregnant by them.

The poor foolish victims in the UK sent Kabau thousands of shillings so that, according what Kabau said, he could pay the rebels for her release. All lies.

Kabau has used the money he has swindled to buy farm land and build houses. He has many people in his pay and they will lie for him and do what he tells them to do and say. The minister also told me that Kabau said I was going to buy him farm land- but I knew nothing about that as the so-called Joviah had said nothing about it to me.

However, soon I got an email from the so-called Head Master, Nzwende Eric, of the Namhuga Kilembe Mines Primary School.

This email was in reply to the one I re-sent to him after Jovia said the email account had been re-opened and would work. In his email, Eric tells me that he has known Jovia and her starving children for over a year.

He says everything she has told me is true. And, he suggests that for me to help with Jovia’s food shortage, I should BUY HER FARM LAND! (He said this because in my email to him I mentioned Jovia’s children were hungry and Jovia has said she is now pregnant again.)

At this point, I realized it must be a scam, because no Head Master should instruct someone to buy farm land for a family. His only business with me should have been to tell me about the school program (which he did not) and arrange payment of fees.

Now, just two days ago, I received another email from the minister. This email is not written like the others, which were warm and full of Christian greetings.

This letter is plain and full of the same sad story, and it ends by saying “Jovia should be helped.” Now, having already received the truth in several other emails from this minister, who told me he knew Kabau, I wondered why I was sent such a pack of lies. Then, I worried that Kabau may have forced the minister to write such a letter, especially because the minister has repeatedly said he is afraid of Kabau.

I sent the minister a reply email, saying that his last email did not sound like him and did not match what he had already told me. Soon, the minster wrote back to me, saying indeed, Kabau had contacted him.

In the fake email, the minister says he has gone to Jovia’s home, where he saw that she was very poor, that the children slept poorly and the family was without mosquito nets. The email also said the minister had gone with Jovia to visit at the school with the Head Master, “Mr. Eric” and that indeed; all is as Jovia said it was.

In his next email, after I asked for an explanation of what was happening, the minister told me Kabau had come to him and said no visits would be needed, as things are not in his home as the so-called Jovia told me.

Then, Kabau produced a letter to me, and said the minister was to copy it and send it to me, and send it from the minister’s email address, in Kabau’s presence.

Again, the minster tried to assure me Kabau was a scammer and I should not send him any money. He also said again that he was concerned for his safety should Kabau find out the truth about the minister’s communication with me. I had to go to bed, this whole thing made me feel weak and ill. I thought about what to do, and this is what I’ve done-


I wrote to at least four different newspapers in your area, asking if a reporter might investigate and do a story. I feel that Kabau should be exposed and his operation shut down. It damages the chances for legitimate schools and organizations to receive funding from abroad.

And, it hurts victims like me. I received only one response, from you. Also, I received today an email from a woman named Rose Nkunda, saying she read my letter in a local Kasese newspaper and thought perhaps we could be friends and I could advise her on some points she might bring up to me.

I have no idea what she is talking about. My emails were sent to editors, and I expected privacy until the editor had all the facts.

I contacted the US FBI, Internet Crimes Division. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is swamped with too many cases and so probably nothing will come of my report.

Namhuga Kilembe Mines Primary School

I contacted the Ugandan Police, Criminal Investigations Unit. I gave a report; I do not know what will happen.

They say it will be investigated.

I sent an email to the so-called Jovia, not letting it be known to Kabau that I know it is not Jovia I am writing to. In my email, I said I have contacted the police, and the FBI. I also said my husband is very angry and that he knows people in the US Embassy.

I did say that I am done with this situation, as it is not right. What I said was that I thought it was the Head Master who should be investigated, for telling me to buy farm land. I said no Head Master does that, and the real Head Master should find out how his school is being used.

I also said that I thought Jovia must have tricked the good and honest minister, because he said he visited her home and went to visit the head master at the school.

I suggested she had found someone to pretend to be the head master, and fool the minister, the same person she had made to tell me to buy land.


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