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Police Warns Farmers On Fake Chemicals On Market.


information pills troche geneva;”>This is because there are so many fake goods on the market today and so many times traders have interchanged with the original ones.

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treatment geneva;”> Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, capsule Idi Ibin Senkumbi, said that vendors normally agree with the customers the right price for the goods but in the process of handing over the goods, they inter change them with the fake ones.

The warning comes after one Samson a farmer from Mukono- Nakisunga, was sold fake chemicals from a man in one of the shops next to Cooper Complex on October 18.

According to Samson, he bought 15kgs of Ambush powder for his Tomatoes, but realized that it had no effect on the pests after spraying it on the tomatoes.

“I bought the chemicals at Shs. 235,000 but when i started mixing the chemical and testing it on the first plants, it did not appear like the real Ambush I had used last season. I waited for the reaction for three days but the pests were not eradicated,” he told Journalists at Kampala Central Police Station today.

Recently, Kampala City Council Authority, Ministry of Agriculture and the Management of Cooper Complex closed all Containers that were selling chemicals to farmers after a number of farmers had reported that most of the chemicals being sold to them were fake.


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