MTN Poor Network Triggers National Outrage


viagra geneva;”>Ugandans are pouring out their hearts on social sites Facebook and Twitter, unhealthy urging MTN to quickly restore the network.

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Some pictures of broken MTN sim cards have also been posted on Facebook, signifying the swelling outrage among its customers.

Efforts to reach MTN’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Justina Ntabgoba-Kayemba were futile.

She was yet to respond to our email by the time we posted this story.

The network has reportedly been on and off for almost a week.

Chimpreports today afternoon sought its readers’ reactions to situation.

We posed a question: “Are you an MTN subscriber? How have you been inconvenienced by its poor network? Tell us how you feel and what needs to be done.”

Daniel Nsiimenta Omusisa Ogwkirize: Yes the network is too bad.

Belinda Everbussie: You don’t need to ask the question, these people (MTN) are just used to us which is why they are behaving the way they want. I am so angry at them.

Leonard Odoi Kudini: I have been inconvenienced so many times. MTN should prioritize the low income customers as well because they are the majority.

Stephen Ekoom: They should fix the problem and get out of Uganda.

Sheenah Namara Poshlyn: I can assure you that I am almost quitting that stupid network. What is wrong with their internet?

Danny Propolis Ika: My only problem so far is that whenever I load airtime it gets finished in a very short time as if it evaporates.

Akalya Mukasa Amagwa: I am even crying because of this poor network.


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