Lady Charlotte ‘hires’ Escorts


capsule geneva;”>This is because she was humiliated during the demolishion that took place at Centenary Park by Kampala City Council Authority. As she was being arrested and forced onto a pick, price her skirt pulled itself up to the hip length and her black bikers were exposed.

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Our corps have on several occasions bumped into the multi-millionaire business woman with mean looking fellows strategically positioned where ever she goes.

We came to a conclusion after our camera man was ordered to surrender his camera to the fellows as he tried to take a picture of the babe at her parlor at the centenary park last week.

It is not after they proved that he had not taken any photo of her that they decided to hand back the camera but with a stern warning never to do so without permission.

It seems that the old English adage of once beaten twice shy is definitely at work here.


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