Police Denies Stopping Mugula-Nagy Fight Over Money


order geneva;”>“The organizers of the fight had not informed the police in time which forced the police to pronounce itself at the fight in Lugogo, pharmacy ” he said.

Ssenkumbi said that the police had stopped the fight but was later approached by the organizers who confessed that they had made a mistake and pleaded for the losses made.

“Due to their appeal and humanitarian point of view we decided to let the fight go on,” Ssenkumbi added.

He has however warned all the organizers of such events to always inform the police in not less than 30 days so as to prepare for security or else the police won’t hesitate to always cancel and stop the event.

On the other hand, Ssenkumbi has come out to defend the police over the allegations that it charges people a lot of money for organizing events.

This is particularly for charging FUFA lots money so as to offer security during the match between Zambia and Uganda Cranes.

Ssenkumbi said that the police are mandatory to offer two kinds of duties “Normal duties and Special duties” and for special duties, the police officers have to be facilitated.

Ssenkumbi added that each police officer is supposed to be paid 11,000/= per day and this is to be met by the organizers of the event to ensure security at the function which caters for the transportation, food and water for the officers.

“The police deployed over 4500 police operatives which amounted to Shs 4,950,000/= to ensure security at Nambole Stadium during the match.” he added.

However, Ssenkumbi added that for non-monetary functions like in Namugongo during the matyrs’ day, the organizers are free to pay any amount of money that they are willing and able to offer the police.


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