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Kagame To World Leaders: Address Energy Imbalances


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“In Rwanda, there is increasing generation of electric power from hydro and geothermal sources and from methane gas. As a general principle Rwanda is promoting a green economy and the use of renewable energy,” said Kagame.

The President was briefing leaders in Dubai on Monday morning during the World Energy Forum 2012.

Kagame said the world needs a regulatory mechanism to which “we all subscribe to curb or eliminate wasteful and unsustainable consumption of energy.”

Kagame also called for investment in technologies that will make African countries modernize faster.

Equally urgent, he observed, is to make technologies that produce renewable energy easily accessible and affordable.

“We can set up a consumption benchmark as a measure of well-being to indicate minimum energy consumption per capita. This would reduce waste, increase efficiency and cut costs, enabling wide access to developing countries,” Kagame advised.

He said the world community should treat access to energy as a basic right, and essential to in the development process.

“It has become clear that when the world acknowledges that there is a problem and acts to resolve it, the outcome is impressive. We need to address imbalances of energy between developed and developing countries and raise level of consumption and utilization.”

Kagame said projections indicate that by 2030 Africa will be the only region where people without access to electricity will increase.

“Africa has pressing issues that need urgent attention. Access to electricity is only 31% and only 12% in rural areas,” he said, adding, he was honoured “to be here and join this discussion on a subject that touches the future of humankind.”


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