Has Ingrid Turinawe Quit Opposition Activism?


website like this geneva;”>Chimpreports has established that some sections of the FDC leadership fear Turinawe could be mulling joining the National Resistance Movement (NRM) over several issues including losing hopes that the leading opposition party could capture power in the near future.

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viagra geneva;”>This also followed massive brutality meted out on Turinawe during the Walk-to-Work” demonstrations that nearly brought the country to a standstill.

remedy geneva;”>Turinawe clashes with Kampala DPC Ruhweza during “walk-to-Work” demonstrations

She was also thrown in jail on charges of treason. Convicts face a death penalty.

Sources have told this investigative website that after losing the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) FDC race, Turinawe chose to take a low profile.

“She used to give police a run for their money. But as you see, police no longer lays siege at her house as it does with other opposition figures,” said a knowledgeable source in the party.

Ever since opposition launched the “Walk to Freedom” protests in Kampala, Turinawe has been conspicuously missing.

Turinawe was very active during opposition activities especially in Kampala.

Even when opposition activists are arrested, the source is worried; Turinawe has not taken food or visited them.

The FDC iron woman had branded herself as the face and leader of Ugandan women opposition to President Yoweri Museveni’s rule with most observers suggesting she was presidential material.

Turinawe would be captured on television in dramatic cat-and-mouse chase games with police and at times physically battling security forces on the streets during protests.

However, it appears the strong woman’s back was broken when a police officer squeezed her breast during a political rally in Kampala.

“Turinawe used to be a strong leader, planner and coordinator of opposition activities in the country. But she these days chooses to stay at home and concentrating on developing her troubled businesses,” said a source who preferred anonymity as she is not authorized to speak to press.

Contacted, Turinawe described this report as “nonsense.”

“I don’t have any other comment,” she added.

It appears Turinawe’s back was broken by Police brutality

Pressed to explain whether she was still an “active opposition member,” Turinawe answered; “There is no question about that.”

What has escalated the fears is Turinawe no longer uses her Facebook wall to encourage Ugandans to join opposition activities as she did in the past.

Chimp Political Corps say whenever opposition activists are transitioning to the ruling party, there is always a brief lull before the deal is accomplished.

This was correct in Anne Mugisha’s case.

She started with abandoning a cyber campaign against Museveni before authoring a letter to the latter, seeking his support to obtain a job in United Nations. The rest is history.

Meanwhile, sources say Turinawe business entities had started crumbling.

She was running a restaurant and sauna in Kamwokya where she reportedly lost over USD10, 000 in a case of theft.

Col. Kizza Besigye used to enjoy his lunch at this restaurant before is closed shop.

Turinawe (L) is received at Court by Salaam Musumba

Due to what a source described as a “financial meltdown” in the party, Turinawe failed to accomplish her house in Kasangati, Wakiso district.

It’s important to note that Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi recently launched an investigation into the operations of a top non-governmental organization that was offering funds to the opposition during the Walk to-Work” demonstrations and threatened to close it.

“Mbabazi directed the National Security Council to close the NGO if it continued giving money to opposition especially Turinawe to foment trouble in Kampala. The NGO toned down,” said a source.

Political observers say if Turinawe quits opposition, Col Besigye might have a difficult task in finding a strong woman who can fit in her shoes.


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