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Lad Drowns In Nyarutarama Lake


help http://crewchiefpro.com/wp-includes/template.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Gunmen wounded Mohamed Mohamud Turyare a Radio Shabelle reporter, visit this site as he left a mosque in Mogadishu’s Wadajir district.

online geneva; font-size: small;”>Mr. Turyare who was shot several times was rushed to a nearby hospital and the severity of his condition is still unknown.

According to Mohamed Bashir Hashi a colleague of Mr. Turyare, the gunmen fled the scene after police officers that were nearby fired shots at the assassins.

Fifteen journalists in Somalia have been killed over the past 10 months. Five journalists were killed in a suicide bombing of a Mogadishu restaurant last month.

Somalia is the worst place to practice journalism according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

The successive killings of Somali journalists have raised eyebrows in the press world.

Jamal Osman a Somali journalist published an article in the Guardian deducing that some Somali journalists are being targeted for their involvement in corruption.

The article sparked a protest in Mogadishu by journalists who refused Mr. Osman’s view.

The new Federal Somali government is faced with the ever-mounting burden of providing safety for their journalists.

see http://clubebancariositape.com.br/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/widgets.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Niyonzima’s body is still on the search but efforts are underway to recover his body.

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This lake has killed many residents and according to Police reports, 15 lives have perished in this lake this year.

According to police in Gasabo district, the largest number of people who drown in the lake are children and they usually slide into the lake when their responsible guardians are absent or occupied with other activities.

Rwanda National Police is urging the public to be precautious as drowning cases may increase. Parents and guardians are urged to watch out children and ensure that they are accompanied outdoors.

Households with water ponds or garbage pits are also encouraged to ensure their safety because they are exposed to children as well.

The general public is also being called on not to swim without safety jacket. People need to be responsible of their lives as Police cannot have policemen at every lake and pool to prevent them from swimming without the safety jackets thus people should be aware that Nyarutarama artificial lake is not safe for swimming.

Rwanda National Police also demands local authorities to sensitize the citizens on the risks of swimming without safety jackets or unattended.

Swimming pools owners are urged to put in place more safety measures, because several cases of people who die in swimming pools have also been reported.


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