Kayihura Takes Over East Africa Region Police Chairmanship

click geneva; font-size: small;”>Honorable Jacob Oulanya, sick Deputy Speaker of Uganda Parliament, purchase officially opened the meeting.

The Chief Guest, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Jacob Oulanya appreciated the determination by the EAPCCO member countries to cooperate in the fight against crime. He implored the Ministers to support their chiefs of Police through adequate funding of their budgets to improve service delivery.

Representatives from East African Community (EAC), African Mission to Somalia (AMISOM), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Institute for Security Studies (ISS), Australian Federal Police (AFP), Regional Centre on Small Arms (RECSA), and International Organization for Migration (IOM) attended and made presentations during the 14th EAPCCO Annual General Meeting.

The Chairmanship which was held by the Republic of Rwanda was handed over to Honorable Engineer Hillary Onek (MP), Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uganda by Hon. Sheikh Mussa Harerimana Fazil from the Republic of Rwanda.

The Chairmanship of the Council of Police Chiefs was handed over to Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, Inspector General of Police of the Republic of Uganda by Commissioner General Emmanuel K. Gasana the Inspector General of Rwanda National Police .

The Ministers noted the progress reports on the implementation of the previous resolutions and the joint activities aimed at fighting cross border and transnational crime in collaboration with international, regional and other cooperating partners. The Council of Ministers welcomed the efforts and encouraged the Council of Police Chiefs (CPC) to enhance all efforts geared towards combating crime in the region.

The ministers took note of CPC resolutions on Implementation Resolutions on the INTERPOL RB Nairobi Strategic plan, on joint operations and exercises, on EAPCCO Account, on combating Transnational crimes, on Combating Cyber, Financial and Hi-tech crimes, on Mutual Legal Assistance, on fighting Terrorism, on Assistance to Somalia National Police, on EAPCCO Cooperating partners, on establishment of Centres of Excellence and encouraged the CPC to follow up the implementation.

The Ministers took note of the gradual process of attainment of peace in the Federal Republic of Somalia and the resolution to assist Somalia National Police in capacity building and encourages the chiefs of police to continue the support in the establishment of a sound operational national police.

The Ministers appreciated the confirmation by the Republic of Seychelles to host the 15th EAPCCO AGM in 2013 and the Federal Republic of Ethiopia in offering to host the 16th EAPCCO AGM

The Ministers expressed their appreciation to the outgoing Chairperson Hon. Sheikh Mussa Harerimana Fazil, Minister of Internal Security of the Republic of Rwanda and CG Emmanuel K. Gasana, Inspector General of Rwanda National Police.

The Council of Ministers welcomed the incoming Chairperson of EAPCCO Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, Inspector General of Police, Uganda and the incoming chairperson of the Council of Ministers Hon. Eng. Hillary Onek (MP), Minister of Internal Affairs, Uganda.

The Ministers extended their gratitude to the people and Government of the Republic of Uganda for their warm welcome and hospitality.


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