Brig. Tumukunde, Nantaba Battle Deepens

abortion geneva;”>Drama started unfolding in July when over 100 squatters who were led by a one Swaibu Kalema attempted to block businessman Hansen of Danuga Farm Uganda from constructing a food processing plant in the area.

more about geneva;”>The suspects “maliciously destroyed sections of his residence and two tractors registration numbers UAP 502L and UAP O33P and other properties, tadalafil ” according to police documents obtained by Chimpreports.

The letter authorising the lawyer to compensate the squatters

All this destruction was witnessed by the farm manager a one Godfrey Mulimba.

The residents were reportedly told by area MP Aidah Nantaba to resist eviction at all costs.

The names of suspects accused of malicious damage of the investor’s properties

The chaos attracted the attention of the Inspector General of Police Lt Gen Kale Kayihura who dispatched Operations director Grace Turyagumanawe to take action.

Investor Hansen

Investigations led to the arrest of 1O suspects who were identified as Lamech Kisutu, Francis Byamungu, Livingstone Sekimuli, David Byakatonda, Charles Mugerwa, Siraje Kabuye, Moses Badaza, Dan Muwada, Kamoga Sekyondwa and Margret Nanyondo.

Turyagumanawe caused the detention of the suspects at Kayunga police station under the file number CRB 1265/12.

Tumukunde says he fully compensated the squatters

The suspects were September 28 paraded before Kayunga Court Chief Magistrate Elisha Mugisha and remanded.

However, MP Nantaba last Friday caused a scene when she stormed the Court and directed the Magistrate to release the suspects.

She said President Yoweri Museveni had ordered for the suspects’ released. The Magistrate refused, saying for bail to be granted the suspected had to present sureties.

Feeling humiliated, Nantaba resorted to mobilizing locals to forcefully resist the investor who intends to start developing the land until they are “fully compensated.”

Police letter showing squatters stormed the investor’s farm


The land in question originally belonged to former spymaster Brig Henry Tumukunde who sold it to the Danish investor in 2004.

Tumukunde, documents show, all the squatters were fully compensated with Shs500, 000 each. The tenants signed the papers under the supervision of lawyer Charles Kabweireheo.

Pictures of some of the compensated squatters

Tumukunde reportedly met Hansen in Copenhagen in 2003 where they discussed the deal that could lead to the expansion of the former’s food processing industry in Kayunga.

In 2004, Hansen managed to get complete shares of the land from Tumukunde to facilitate construction of the factory.

So when police started the eviction exercise, some of the squatters rushed to Nantaba who politically advised them not to vacate the place.

This was during the 2006 elections.

It is feared Nantaba intended to win political support by portraying herself as the champion in fighting against the planned eviction of her constituents.

The document showing signatures of compensated squatters

Nantaba reportedly told Museveni that the squatters were facing an illegal eviction.

The President responded by instructing her to intervene in the matter.

Up to now the land wrangle has been deepening as the remaining squatters have continued to destroy the erected farm poles which were used to gazette the factory area.

Hansen and Brig. Tumukunde have now written to the speaker of Parliament and Museveni explaining how Nantaba is fuelling violence thus destabilizing the area while hindering the development of the industry in the place.

The complainants want the president to look into the matter to investigate and discipline Nantaba before she is made a minister.

The Parliament Appointments Committee headed by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has refused to confirm Nantaba’s appointment as State Minister for Lands.

The committee at first cited Nantaba’s ‘inadequate’ academic credentials which were later cleared by Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB).

However, the committee said she had exhibited ‘gross misconduct’ by questioning its independence and rationality in vetting presidential appointments.

Tumukunde’s land title

Nantaba had told journalists outside Parliament she would petition the President to “reign in” on the committee for blocking her appointment.

She also cited political witch-hunt by his political rivals such as former spy chief, Brig. Henry Tumukunde, saying they are “hell bent on denying her a chance to serve the nation.”

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