Makerere Don Urges Donors To Probe Prof. Ddumba Over Shs4bn


see geneva;”>This followed a dossier by a University don, ask who called for a special audit into the operations and finances of African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) support to the Master’s Programme in the Economic Policy Management at Makerere University.

In a letter dated September 24 addressed to ACBF Executive Secretary, Dr Frannie A Leautier, a concerned University lecturer said “this programme, since its inception has been fraught with malpractices that hinge on the criminal, both in its operations and finances.”

“First, the terms of the programme have never been transparently communicated to members of staff in the School of Economics, with the result that the programme coordinator and those that act as resource persons are appointed in a nepotistic manner, which has resulted in the erosion of the quality if its product, namely its graduates,” the petition reads in part.

It further stated that School procedures as to the allocation of teaching duties based on expertise have been flouted, with the key objective for those overseeing the programme, now remaining one of maximizing the drawing of teaching allowances from the programme.

The petition says in the School of Economics that resource persons are paid out less than what is budgeted for in the programme, which raises the question of where the balance of the funds go.

“As highlighted in my letter as well, there are allegations that resource persons are paid out of University Funds transferred to units (that is School of Economics) and that Prof Ddumba Ssentamu working with Ms Rachael Namirembe siphon off those ACBF funds meant to remunerate EPM resource persons,” the petition reads.

“It would be interesting if your audit could specifically try to link payments to resources persons to funds earmarked for this activity by ACBF.

It has also emerged that the EPM programme was last week halted pending investigations into these allegations just days after Dr Frannier signed a Shs4bn partnership deal with the University.

Contacted, Ssentamu, who was recently appointed the University’s Vice Chancellor, denied the allegations leveled against him, saying they were “totally untrue.”

“And as you are aware, I left that place. You now know where I am (Vice Chancellors’ office),” said Ssentamu.

He also expressed unawareness about the suspension of the programme.

He further said whoever wrote a petition to Dr Frannier “had ill intentions.”

Sources at Makerere have told Chimpreports Investigations Desk that if donors confirm corruption allegations raised in the petition, the entire programme that has seen many Post Graduate students earn bursaries could be completely disbanded.


According to the petition, Rachael Namirembe is understood to be the EPM Programme administrator yet she is in charge of ACB EPM programme funds at all levels.

“As a result, successive accountants assigned to the School of Economics have had to ask to transfers to other units fearful that they may be held accountable for financial improprieties that were glaring clear to them in the way Prof. Ddumba and Namirembe ran ACBF/EPM funds,” the petition adds.

It’s alleged that currently a new accountant has been posted to the school of Economics or generally the College.

“So your audit should focus on the recently transferred accountant in the names of Isma Luyombya and previous to him, a one Kalinaki.”

The petitioner says a one Grace Ssekakubo employed on contract as EPM programme ‘computer analyst’ is currently abroad undertaking graduate studies yet as a contract staff needed to resign his post – but “Prof Ddumba continues to effect salary payments to him against established regulations and I believe also contravenes” ACBF contractual arrangements.

“Further, this individual has acted as a resource person on the EPM programme even as he does not qualify to do so, and was recently timetabled as a resource person even when Professor Ddumba and Dr James Muwanga (EPM Programme Coordinator) knew he was not around,” the petition adds.

“Thus, the students went the whole semester without classes an issue I raised with top University management to no avail. The motives behind these actions are two pronged. First by appearing on the timetable, this allows such an individual to claim teaching allowances that they are not entitled to, but second it creates ownership of a particular class to which no other resource person can be assigned,” the petition says.

Other irregularities cited in the petition include shelving lack of transparency in appointing programme coordinators and “teaching timetables then become secret documents that are not posted on the school boards.”

The petitioner says the motive behind this is to “conceal the names of unqualified persons assigned teaching duties on account on nepotism, but also hide the unfair distribution of teaching duties whence some individuals take on more classes in a semester that can logically be carried by one instructor.”

It is also alleged that the EPM programme has now “come to be the domain of a few, some even related by marriage.”


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