Black Label Scandal Hits Chameleone In Denmark


store geneva;”>Chimp Corps have established that Chameleone could not give his fans value for money due to excessive alcohol consumption.

The musician reportedly ‘cleared’ a full bottle of Black Label whisky handed to him by the show’s organizers before blacking out minutes before taking to the stage.

“On getting to the venue that was designated for the show, Chameleone resorted to drinking Black Label got from his promoters in an isolated dark room,” recounts an eyewitness who was shocked by Chameleone’s gross misconduct.

“Later he ended up fighting with the function Mc Kayaman,” the source added.

Our Corp in Denmark quotes Afro-Danish music Publicist, Smogie Remmy, saying the Uganda singer’s behavior rattled the audience with many vowing to blacklist his future shows in the Diaspora.

“It’s evident that Chameleon let down a number of fans especially Ugandans who had flown from all parts of Europe to see him perform in Copenhagen. He briefly entertained his guests with only four songs and he lacked the energy to thrill the crowd because he was drunk,” recounts a source.

Chameleone has on several occasions been accused of diddling music promoters by dodging concerts after receiving huge downpayments for his performances.

Meanwhile, Ugandan artistes Raggae Dee and DJ Michael electrified the audience with energetic performances.


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