‘Missing’ Col Mande Finally Sighted In Sweden

Mande mysteriously disappeared from public view last month, sparking fears that he had resumed recruitment of rebels in Eastern Congo.

Other media reports indicated he had been admitted in a Sweden hospital in critical condition after suspected poisoning.

However, Chimpreports has established that Mande last week appeared at the six-day ‘Uganda at 50 Nordic Conference’ held in Sweden.

Interestingly, the conference called for the return of political exiles that include Mande.

“Ugandans in Diaspora who are politically exiled should be allowed and assisted to return home without any pre-conditions,” the resolution read.

There have been reports that Mande intends to return to Kampala after years in exile.

He is accused of conspiring to topple President Yoweri Museveni’s government by arms under a rebel group People’s Redemption Army (PRA).


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