Exclusive: Dean Spent Only Shs3m On Helen’s Birthday Party


page geneva; font-size: small;”>The truth is that he got a concession from the club coupled with some connections with top management. He could not have paid more than Shs 800, 000 for the venue. Meanwhile, the food and drinks cost about Shs 1.5m.

Dean also spent not more than Shs 300,000 on the ring and thus he had a miscellaneous of about Shs400,000 which was spent on Airtime, fuel and car hire.

Our source also told us that anyone who wanted to drink on the expensive wines or spirits had to pay for his or her order.

We can confirm that by 12:30am, most of the invited guests had left thanks to the lack of anymore drinks and food. But as we left we overheard one of the personnel say that it was the first time that a birthday party ended at that time.


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