Ruthless Administration Stirring Up Instability At Kawempe Muslim School?


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doctor geneva;”>The President was on Saturday afternoon meeting members of the Pakistan Association of Uganda at State House, pharm Nakasero, who called on him.

The delegation was led by the Consul of Pakistan in Uganda Mr. Bonny Katatumba.

President Museveni told his guests that the integration of serious people to work together is good because combined talents go a long way in achieving astounding results.

He commended the Pakistani people in particular and Asians at large, who served Ugandans as traders for the contribution they rendered to Uganda. He criticized the Idi Amin regime for the expulsion of the Asian entrepreneurs in the early years of the 1970s that affected the economy of the country.

Mr Museveni urged the Pakistani community in Uganda to co-operate with the Government in its sustained campaign to add value to local agro-products.

He asked them to invest in the maize milling and production of animal feeds sector.

He said that he was keen to support the animal and poultry industries in the country adding that they should devote time to concentrating on the milling sector mainly in Sironko, Kiryandongo, Bulambuli, Sembabule and Lwengo districts. He assured them that they would be facilitated to engage in mass cultivation of maize.

He advised the delegation to look at fruit processing sector in Kayunga, Luwero, Soroti and Masaka districts as well as in the production textiles, animal vaccines, human and veterinary drugs.

He assured them of assistance on the issue of work permits saying that the idea of shutting out people is not an African norm.

The delegation gave assurances that they are ready to provide human, veterinary drugs and animal vaccines.

order geneva;”>The President was on Saturday addressing people from all the sub-counties that constitute Mukono district during celebrations to mark Uganda’s 50 years of independence. The celebrations took place at St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Nagalama.

“There is conspiracy between the police, courts and landlords against bibanja holders and the problem is that no one has challenged them legally,’” he said.

He, therefore, challenged the local leaders at all levels to use all available avenues and expose such officers if the problem of illegal land evictions is to be solved completely. He also called on them to involve superior courts.

Addressing himself to the report of the LC5 Chairman, Mr Lukooya Mukoome that hinged on the rejection of busuulu by of landlords, President Museveni promised to look into possibilities of amending the law to provide an alternative so that the interests of the poor continue to be protected.

He explained at length that the main objective of busuulu is a symbol of recognition of the land lord by a squatter.

Reflecting on the 50 years of Uganda’s independence, Mr. Museveni noted that the non-sectarian approach that the National Resistance Movement has championed has provided the basis on which stability and enhancement of development the country has attained.

He added that this positive change is manifest in the various empowered groups such as the women, youth and elderly persons as well as those with disabilities, among others.

He commended the people Mukono district for the continued support to the National Resistance Movement. He announced the donation of 10 boreholes to Nakifuma as a golden jubilee package.

Regarding the youth and children, the President urged them to guard against the HIV/AIDS pandemic to enjoy a secure future adding that he has been able to handle Uganda’s problems because he enjoys good health.

“That is what has enabled me to even deal with stubborn people like Kiiza Besigye who wanted to sabotage the country’s independence celebrations. But now that we are through, he can move freely”, the President said.

Museveni also officially handed over an assortment of road unit equipment to Mukono district leaders and launched patriotism programs in the district.

Earlier in Nakifuma President launched a pilot project of constructing dwellings for the elderly people.

He commended the Commander of Land Forces, Gen. Katumba Wamala for the effort and urged the team to focus on the poor elderly.

capsule geneva;”>Fire broke out in the Girls’ dormitories for S.1 and S.2 as students were planning to go to classes for night revision (preps).

visit web geneva;”>”We heard a heavy sound as if it were a bomb blast in the dormitories but we later realized that our dormitory and the property was on fire. Some fainted,” said Aisha, a S. 1 student.

The girl students said a few days ago they reported to the administration that a stench of petrol was hovering over their dormitory but no action was taken to avert a possible fire breakout.

Many parents stormed the school today to evacuate their children.

But the Head master, Bulhan Mugerwa, said only 80 students from the affected dormitories will be allowed to go back home and the rest will remain attending their normal studies.

This sparked rage among the parents wondering what will be done for the students who will be seated home while their class mates (boys) are still continuing with their studies.

However, the school management promised to make an arrangement to compensate lessons lost when the girls return to school.

The students who were eager to go back home said they were tired of the poor conditions at the school including poor feeding and deplorable sanitary conditions.

Students said the administration is so ruthless.

“When students complain, they are only rewarded with canes and expulsions,” said an official who preferred anonymity.

The cause of the fire is however not yet discovered but the dormitories are still under police protection.

It should be remembered that on Thursday last week, the students went on strike citing poor sanitation in the school, heavy corporal punishments as well as unnecessary suspensions and expulsions.

We were not able to access the Head Master as he was busy organizing for the sitting of the UNEB exams for the S.4 candidates.

No injuries were recorded.

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