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Kayihura Denies Rebel Activity In Central As Murders Continue


dosage geneva;”>In a space of one month, look over 15 people have been killed in what appears as organized crime.

Recently in Masaka, New Vision reported, a mother and her 14-year old son were beheaded in Kyesiga sub-county.

The assailants are believed to have broken into the deceased’s house on Sunday night after burrowing a hole in the wall of the sitting room.

It’s said after entering the house, they were seen by a little boy, Hakim Kato, who was grabbed and beheaded.

They added that after killing Kato, the assailants proceeded to his mother’s room and meted out the same treatment.

The two victims are part of the nine people in the district who have been murdered in the same way in a space of seven days.

Some of the victims were members of one family who included George William Senteza, his wife Rose Nakatte, and their children Joram Senoga, Emma Kigozi and Fiona Nalumansi.

The most affected areas in Masaka are Kyesiga and Kyanamukaka subcounties in Bukoto Central constituency.

As murders rage on, Kayihura told press on Friday that there are wrong elements hell bent on destabilizing the security situation in the country and that although there are no suspicions of a rebel movement, the police was on top of the situation.

In addition, said Kayihura, since early September, 2012, north of Kampala there have three incidents of murder in mysterious circumstances which have fed into rumours of organized ritual murders or even rebel scare.

“We have deployed in those areas, and some arrests have been made. However, I wish to reassure the public that there is no evidence of any organized criminal activity or rebellion. But, nevertheless, we are enhancing deployment. People should continue with their normal activities,” said Kayihura.

“Further, I wish to note that the spate of murders and robberies that had engulfed the City mid this year have been stopped, after we bust the gangs of thugs involved, with many arrests. Indeed, the trend has been reversed.”

He expressed his “deep appreciation, and gratitude to the general public,” especially the youth of Kampala Metropolitan Policing area (Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono, and Mpigi districts) that have consistently and proactively volunteered crucial information to Police, in the true spirit of Community Policing, which has enabled police succeed in preventing and foiling acts of terrorism (rioting and armed attacks).

Affected residents claim attackers create holes in houses after sedating their victims before gaining entrance to kill their victims.


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