Col. Mande Planning End To Exile?


buy geneva;”> “The current Diaspora Services Department should be transformed into the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, capsule ” Ugandans resolved at the end of the six-day Uganda at 50 Nordic Conference held in Sweden on October 1.

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They also called for the return of political exiles.

“Ugandans in Diaspora who are politically exiled should be allowed and assisted to return home without any pre-conditions,” the resolution read.

This statement is very interesting considering the conference was partly spearheaded by fugitive UPDF commander Col. Samson Mande.

There have been reports that Mande intends to return to Kampala after years in exile.

He is accused of conspiring to topple President Yoweri Museveni’s government by arms under a rebel group People’s Redemption Army (PRA).

Ugandans in Diaspora also argued that all the current articles on citizenship and human rights in the 1995 Constitution of Uganda should be entrenched, that is should not be subjected to change.

“The Right to citizenship by descent and birth should never be revoked, voting rights should be granted to Ugandan Diaspora and the Diaspora should have representation in Parliament,” one of the resolutions read in part.

They further said Ugandans living abroad who want to invest in the country should be given special investment packages of incentives because of the increasing positive role they are playing in the Uganda economy.

Other general issues raised during the conference include capable Ugandans at home and in the Diaspora being assisted to write about what has happened to “Uganda in the last 50 years, with the aim of helping, succeeding generations to prevent re-occurrence of the past turbulent times.”

Some of Uganda leaders who attended the function were the Leader of Opposition Hon Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the president of Uganda Federal Alliance Hon. Betty Kamya, former Presidential Candidate from the Diaspora Mr Sam Lubega, traditional leaders and some current and former Members of Parliament.

Nambooze gives a speech at the conference

Others are Lord Mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago, the Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador of Uganda to the Nordic countries Joseph Tomusange and Danny Ssozi respectively and UPDF spokesperson Col. Felix Kulaigye.

This was part of the celebrations of Uganda´s first Golden Jubilee (1962-2012).

The Conference discussed past challenges and achievements of Uganda in the last 50 years and a new vision for Uganda in the coming 50 years, with specific reference on how Ugandans living in the Diaspora should participate in various aspects of development in their mother country.

They said Parliament should re-instate presidential term limits by 2013 and establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to formulate strategies for reconciling and promoting patriotism among Ugandans within and outside the country.

Nandala Mafabi called for the end of militarisation of Uganda’s politics

“Parliament should help to curb various forms of corruption particularly through reducing presidential patronage, abolishing presidential pledges and closing avenues which lead to extravagant use of public resources from the consolidated fund such appointment of hundreds of dormant presidential advisors and a multiplicity of presidential representatives at district levels,” delegates at the conference resolved.

They added Parliament should review the entire power decentralization process with the aim of creating viable local governments including establishment of viable federal governments.

Guests were entertained with musical perfomances

Delegates said Parliament must also reduce the number of ministries, ministers, members of Parliament and administrative units, adding, all political prisoners should be unconditionally released and “politically related charges dropped.”


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