Tinyefuza Troubles Worsen


illness geneva;”>Sources told Chimpreports on Saturday night that Tinye, cialis 40mg as he is fondly known in security circles, told the newspaper journalists that President Museveni was “very old” and “should retire.”

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Tinye further said Museveni was “making serious blunders” by failing to fund his office to coordinate security organs “and is there giving billions to Kayihura to beat up and teargas Besigye and opposition.”

“You cannot rule for all these years. People get tired of you,” Tinye reportedly said of Museveni during the general’s trip to the Namuwongo-based newspaper headquarters.

Tinye, sources say, expressed “utter contempt of the person of the Commander-in-Chief,” saying Museveni was only interested in funding operations under the supervision of “Kayihura who joined us just yesterday.”

The new revelations, if true, could expose the deep rift among UPDF generals.

Kayihura’s performance in suppression of opposition protests, superb intelligence gathering skills and formation of Counter Terrorism squads have earned him the praise of Museveni and envy of army generals in equal terms.

Tinye shook the nation when he authored a missive, cautioning that “the poor people who are being beaten and flogged, women undressed in front of their children and cameras, are the ones whose poor parents fought the war of liberation.”

Intelligence sources say Museveni singlehandedly directed a trusted team of State House staff to look for the original letter sent by the controversial UPDF General and Coordinator of Intelligence and Security Services to the Daily Monitor, warning that Ugandans are “beginning to feel insecure” due to the “creeping lawlessness, impunity, primitive arrogance and insensitive behaviour, which are increasingly being exhibited by some actors who manage the affairs of the state.”

The General’s statement came at a time of increased public outcry over the highhandedness of KCCA in evicting low-income traders from the city and demolishing their structures.

This was the first time in recent years that Tinyefuza, one of the most feared Generals in Uganda was questioning the rationale of the state in managing the country.

State house insiders said “Tinye’s days as Coordinator of Security Organs are numbered.”

Sources further told Chimpreports that Museveni is “personally involved in the investigation about Tinye’s motives” with the view to arrest and bring him to book.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

While many view Tinyefuza’s views as sensible, sources say he should have raised his grievances in the High Command or high level security meeting.

Addressing reporters in Kampala last Wednesday, NRA war hero and Nyabushozi County MP Rtd Colonel Fred Mwesigye slammed Tinyefuza for “expressing his views about the state of the nation in the media yet he had an appropriate forum.”

“Yes, Tinyefuza is entitled to his opinion but he is well aware that the UPDF code of conduct requires him to raise such issues in the right forum such as the High Command. He is also a lawyer and army General,” said Mwesigye.


Intelligence sources say Tinye is a frustrated man, having been kicked out of his official Kololo residence by KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi with the support of Museveni.

With meager funds, Tinye recently relocated to Old Kampala with a poorly funded office yet he is in charge of coordinating all security/ intelligence organs.

However, sources say, Tinye has been sidelined and does not attract the support of young security chiefs despite being a four star general and NRA war hero.

For example, all intelligence briefs from ISO, ESO, CMI and other organs go direct to Museveni without his knowledge or sanctioning. This renders Tinye “uninformed” on serious security information.

It’s yet unclear whether Museveni has obtained the original letter authored by Tinyefuza but officials at State House say he was “deeply disturbed” by its publication.

Kale Kayihura

“Museveni is very strict when it comes to the discipline in the army. We are expecting Tinyefuza to be arrested any time from now. He is in deep trouble,” said a source.

Tinyefuza did not get authority from Chief of Defence Forces Gen Aronda Nyakairima to make such statements, according to informed sources.

“Museveni feels that Tinyefuza is up to something. This is not about fighting KCCA Director Jennifer Musisi. Communicating to the press without clearance from the Chief of Defence Forces is a grave offence in the army,” said a source.

If Tinyefuza is found to be hatching a plot against the Head of State, said a source, he could follow in the footsteps of former spymaster Brig Henry Tumukunde.


On May 30 2005, Tumukunde was arrested charged before the UPDF’s General Court Martial with several offences that included conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline 66 (1), (2) and (5) of the UPDF (cap.307).

According to prosecution, Tumukunde also reportedly made oral statements ill of the Army or Government of Uganda while appearing on a local radio station.

Tumukunde’s case is still before the Court Martial.

In the letter, Tinyefuza said those oppressed by ‘some state actors’ are “the people who housed us, gave us food, provided us with intelligence and offered their all to create a better future. Nobody has a right to abuse them.”

“Our women must not be stripped and beaten and whoever does it will become the new enemy,” he observed.

Tinyefuza further stated that the country is witnessing a lot of violence, disruption of social life and general apprehension of the people of Uganda.

“The population is beginning to feel unsure about the future and generally insecure. This is a complete reversal of the feeling and belief which our people had when they defeated dictatorship,” said Tinyefuza, one of NRA war heroes that liberated Uganda from fallen dictators Milton Obote and Idi Amin.

“Therefore, this is a call to all those involved in the management of public affairs to reflect and pull back a little to make sure they fully understand where the country is going, current forces at play and the challenges that face us. Let us not destroy all that has been achieved over years,” says Tinyefuza.

He maintains that the violence against the population by those permitted by the law to protect the people must stop.

The UPDF general said politicians using the coercive organs of the state to enrich themselves must also stop.


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