How It Happened: Uganda Vs Zambia. Uganda Fails to Qualify


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there geneva;”>The Karamoja region had always been regarded as arid, visit web backward and only capable of surviving on alms by Donors and Government continues to surprise many as we witness a positive turn around through increased food production, cure improved access to water for animal and domestic use. The Minster’s resolve to free Karamoja from relying on handouts has thought the concerted efforts of our partners and OPM’s tractor hire programme reduced the relief dependence from 75% to about 25% as reported by the WFP. A total of 10,570 acres have been opened in Karamoja sub region. The Minister of Karamoja Affairs has been resolute in changing this state of affairs shall not continue and that the situation must be turned around and therefore a comprehensive Food Security Plan for Karamoja in February 2010. The Plan, in essence, was to consolidate approaches towards a transformed productive system, with harmonized involvement and easy monitoring of Government and Partner investment and participation.

The OPM, NAADS, Ministry of Agriculture and some agencies such as GTZ supplied seed and other planting material. We have also provided walking tractors and oxen to make the opening of agricultural land faster and easier for the people of Karamoja. These plans have been answered and by God’s grace, the region received suffi cient rains over the past two years which enabled which with timely ploughing and planting has resulted in good harvests in most areas of Karamoja.
For many, the people of Karamoja were thought to live in squalid Manyattas and believed to move from one place to another from time to time. This however will become a thing of the past with the up-scaling of the modern Manyattas using hydraform technology. In the pictures above, settlements have been constructed at Nadunget, Acherer, and Lorengedwat.

The long-term goal of our Food Security plan in the Karamoja region must be based on the assumption that water for production will be available, and in suffi cient quantities, to facilitate largescale irrigation-assisted agriculture. The framework puts the focus on issues peculiar to Karamoja, such as food insecurity, disarmament and cattle rustling, among others. It aims to eliminate continuous dependency on relief aid through the use of modern farming technology, such as tractorization, improved planting methods and materials, construction of water investments, training of farmers and cattle branding. Through this programme, government has integrated gun collection (disarmament) with development interventions, confl ict management and peace building. Development is being used as a means to achieve sustainable peace.

Security Enhancement:

Security in the region has greatly improved over the last three years. Government has continued to recruit and train Karamojong youths from every sub-county into the local defense units to enhance the police presence in the region. Due to the improved security the community has now embarked on food production and other livelihood activities.

Water for production KIDDP has collaborated with the Ministry of Water and Environment to construct small and medium-size dams in every parish. Construction of two big dams in Moroto and Napak districts to provide water for production and miniirrigation is almost complete. To bring water at household level the Prime Minister’s Offi ce has contracted ADRA to undertake rehabilitation of all boreholes in Karamoja to ensure community access to clean and safe water. In addition valley dams have been constructed.

viagra geneva;”>Zambia scored nine and Uganda scored eightviagra geneva;”>. Andy mwesigwa and patrick ochan missed the penalty kicks

order geneva;”>ochan takes it it is saved and zambia qualifies

zambia scores

baba kizito scores he is 19 years old

Nkausu scores for Zambia

oloya scores a brilliant penalty it is now seven seven

kapamba scores Zambia is still leading

Tonny mawegye Scores

Zambia scores another penalty

kizza scores uganda is still ok

Katongo scores

Okwi scores it is now four four

kennedy score the penalty for Zambia

Onyango score an exiting penalty

Zambia scores

Simon masaba scores it is two two

Zambia scores the second penalty

Andy mwesigwa hits the cross bar it is now one one

Mayuka scores the the penalty for zambia

walusimbi scores the first penalty

Onyango saves the first penalty kick

Penalty shoot outs

94th minute refree blows the final whistle the match has ended and uganda is leading by a goal to nil

90th minute 4 minutes of extra time.

88th minute Uganda gets a clear header but the Goalkeeper saves the ball. The zambian goalkeeper falls down

85th minute Uganda gets a corner taken, the goalkeeper saves

80th minute uganda gets a free kick taken an the goalkeeper saves the ball

78th minute Uganda makes a substitotion massa out and kizza gets in Hassan Wasswa out and Patrick ochan gets in

76th minute zambian midfielder gets a yellow card

74th minute Uganda gets a free kick but poorly taken by tonny mawegye

71st minute Zambia makes a substitution

70th minute Zambia’s Mayuka shoots but the game goes over the bar.

67th minute Uganda makes a substitute Brian umony out and Emmanuel okwi gets in

65th minute Zambia gets a free kick; free kick taken and it goes over the bar and ugada survives

53rd munute Zambia makes a substitute Himonde out and kapamba gets in

51st minute Uganda gets a corner but it was poorly taken

52 Zambian defender himonde falls down and calls for a substitution

50th minute Uganda gets a free kick, taken by moses oloya punched away by the goalkeeper and the situation normalises.

48th minute Brian umony fouled bt the refree did not blow his whistle

45th minute the second half starts

48th minute The refree blows the half time whistle uganda is leading one – nill at half time

47th minute uganda Survives a deadly free kick

46th minute Zambia gets a free kick outside the 18 yards box it is about 18 metres away

45th minute three minutes have been added at the end of first half

41st minute Zambia have a corner but it has been cleared by hassan wassa

38th minute Brian umony shoots off target but it was a nice trial

30th minute Zambian player defends well to head the ball out of the Box

28th minute Uganda Scores the first goal. Uganda is now leading by one goal to nill Geofrey Massa Scored the Goal

10th minute The match is still goalless and uganda is still playing very well

1st minute The Game between Uganda and Zambia has Started

Uganda Cranes must beat Zambia by a two-goal margin in today’s match in order to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations for the first time in 35 years.

A two goal margin win will see Uganda in the next year’s tournament in South Africa. Zambia the reigning African champions, won the first leg in Ndola 1-0 last month and will advance if they win or make draw. If uganda wins with a 1-0 result, Penalty kicks will have to decide who qualifies.

10:30 AM The fans are arriving at Namboole Stadium in large numbers amidist tight security. Over 5000 police men have been deployed at the stadium to keep law and order.

Police officers in charge of traffic are also at the stadium.

Chimpreports team is already at the Stadium and here are the Pictures showing what is happening at Namboole Stadium

Traffic Officers guiding fans as they arrive in large numbers

Fans happily move towards the Stadium

Security tightened at the Kireka – Namboole Round-about

People from all walks of life are heading to Namboole and the jerseys are selling like a hot cake

Police Officers are deployed in and outside the Stadium

Over 5000 Policemen are at the Stadium

Traffic police officers are at the Stadium to monitor the traffic movement

A Cranes supporter paints himself Black Yellow Red

Business is on at Namboole as people look for what to eat


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