Inside Story Of The Death Of Tinkasimiire Wife

there geneva; color: #222222;”>They say all this happened between June and October 2012. Clearly somebody was desperate to get rid of her before end of year.

sale geneva; color: #222222;”>A close source told chimpreports that some people who felt she had no business continuing to be MP Barnabas Tinkasimire’s wife must have orchestrated these poison attacks.

cialis 40mg geneva; color: #222222;”>However she was able to survive all these occasions because a Mugisu woman close to the plotters would always tip her to tread carefully.

On one occasion, liver was taken to her in kaveera for sauce but she didn’t eat it after being tipped. “She threw it away as soon as the gentleman who visited claiming to have bought it for her left the house,” sources said.

On another occasion, somebody entered Mukono market in Kikooza and bought greens (enva endirwa) which he went and smeared with poison from one of the big hotels in Mukono. The same Mugisu babe warned Agnes not to cook and eat the greens. She survived again.

On the third occasion the plotters laced juice with poison and took it to her as a birth day present. The Mugisu again alerted her and she poured it as soon as the mischievous donors left her house.


On August 16 Agnes’ mother was buried in Tororo. During the burial, Agnes took two of her sisters on the sides under a mango tree where MP Tinkasimire was sitting and predicted her death.

Her younger sister Evelyn Abbo, the heir to her father, was one of the sisters in that small meeting under the mango tree.

She told them Tinkasimire present that someone (she named him) wanted her dead at all costs before this year ends. “I know since my mum is now gone I’m sure I won’t live longer. Someone [names withheld] wants me dead at all costs.

They have planned to use either bullets and burn me in the house,” she reportedly said before her sisters dismissed it all as a joke.

She also told them she must be buried in Tororo besides her mum and not in Kibale as Tinkasimire and his young brother, who is a soldier in UPDF, were insisting.

Her elderly mum was the head teacher for Kirewa SS in Tororo and her father was an inspector of schools before chairing the District Service Commission in his retirement. Her dad died five years ago.

We are told before her death, her mum had been telling her to abandon the Mukono home because of property-related wrangles but she refused saying “I bought this with my sweat and mum you know how hard it is to raise money from teaching.”

She also spoke of Tinkasimire’s relatives and friends who were trying to antagonize her with her 14 year old daughter who is studying in P6 in a Mukono boarding school.

That this group would tell the young girl “that isn’t your mother.” Indeed during the burial the girl behaved strangely and never interacted with Agnes’ relatives saying she doesn’t know them. She left with Tinkasimire at 3pm immediately after the burial.

Three MPs including Wilfred Niwagaba and Abdul Katuntu accompanied Tinkasimire who was escorted by many policemen to avoid being beaten by Agnes’ relatives who felt he neglected their daughter and didn’t do enough to save her life.

In his short speech, Tinkasimire claimed his political rivals and city tycoons in Kampala connived to kill his wife because of his support for Jennifer Musisi to demolish their buildings. Sources have also revealed that in January 2012, one of the relatives from Tinkasimire’s side told Agnes Ageno’s 14 year old daughter that “something is going to happen top your mum this year. Better be prepared.”


We are told Tinkasimire paid all the funeral arrangements and wanted Agnes to be buried in Kibale at his home.

Tieng Adhola, the king of the Japhadolas, had to call MP Fox Odoi who rung President Museveni to ensure the body was taken to Tororo. Fox Odoi was out of the country but threatened to deal with Tinkasimire’s stubborn relatives as soon as he returns.

In the end, the body was taken to Tororo but as they reached Mabira, the funeral services driver tried to favor Tinkasimire by saying the car carrying the body had got a problem. The driver advised that they go to Kibale which is nearer saying he had no fuel to reach Tororo and that the car might fail on the way.

Agnes’ relatives refused this and rang someone in Jinja who brought another car. As soon as the other arrived, the funeral services driver said his car was now okay and they continued to Tororo.

We are told at the burial, Tinkasimire refused to eat any food fearing to be poisoned by Agnes’ relatives who were already blaming him for not doing enough to save their daughter’s life. Sources say they married at Makerere St. Augustine Chapel of Fr. Kanyike in 1999 and they fell out in 2000.

At the time they wedded, Agnes was already pregnant and Tinkasimire abandoned her the day she gave birth. In 2008, Tinkasimire went to her house in Mukono Kayunga road and begged to be forgiven saying he wanted to be in a relationship with her again. She accepted but again they fell out after a few months.

Tinkasimire then introduced another woman whom he had got while working as a CAO for Tororo. This woman lived in Mbale and is now in court fighting for the child’s custody. They got two children but one of them died and was buried in Mbale.

Then a widow came into the picture but even herself fell out with Tinkasimire shortly after. Then sometime in 2009, Tinkasimire was supposed to be wedded in Church in Hoima but the church service ended abruptly when Agnes turned up and told the priest “I’m officially married to this man moreover in Church.”

We are told Agnes told the priest she had no problem with Tinkasimire wedding someone else provided they went to court and divorced properly. This annoyed Tinkasimire’s relatives and friends who never forgave Agnes.

At the time of marrying Agnes, Tinkasimire had fathered other children with another Munyoro woman and he never disclosed this to Agnes when they started dating.

In the end, he brought the three children from this Munyoro woman to live with Agnes in Mukono. He took them away in 2008 when they fell out again. Agnes was an active Catholic and actually wanted to become a nun at the time Sewa convinced her to marry Tinkasimire. She always had a rosary in her neck and the day she got burnt in the house, she was wearing a rosary in her neck.

Neighbors say she stopped them from removing it saying “let the virgin Mary protect me.” She was a choir member in the Catholic Church in Mukono where Betty Nambooze prays from.

We are told a few days before the fire broke out; she had quarrels with one of her tenants who hadn’t paid rent for four months. This tenant was a friend to some of Tinkasimire’s relatives. The tenant refused to leave the house but left on Sunday before the house burnt on Monday.

He told her “I’m leaving but I can assure you something is going to happen here today.” Agnes was used to such threats and never took it seriously but she called/informed her sister Abbo Evelyn who is the manager for Radio Luo in Pader which is represented by Odonga Otto.

Sources say when the fire began; Agnes had just entered the house. Relatives say she would have escaped but spend much time trying to remove the other relative she was sleeping with.

The arsonists first spread chrollophorm around the house and it affected the other relative more because Agnes had just come back. In the end, 70% of her body was badly burnt and at Mulago doctors said she had no chance to survive because her lungs had been badly burnt.


Agnes Ageno went to school at Kyambogo ITEK where she got a diploma in teaching. She went back and got a degree in teaching and was doing a master’s degree at the time of her death.

She met Tinkasimire through a relative called Sewa. Sewa is now a prominent lawyer in Kampala and was a very good friend to Tinkasimire who told him “I think I’m so ugly no girl is accepting me. Can you get for me someone from your place?” Sewa got for him Agnes whom he liked on first sight because he had been sexually starved for too long.

Agnes was a teacher of music and economics. She had also founded an NGO called “Peace Missions” which worked in secondary schools to discourage the culture of strikes. She had Bazungu funders for the NGO and at the time she died it was doing a lot of work in Kayunga district where she was a teacher at St. Kalemba.

She had previously taught at Mary Hill in Mbarara. She was also in charge of the school band. Before working with African Evangelical Enterprises, Tinkasimire also worked as a volunteer at Kamwokya Christian Caring Community (KCCC) which is headed by former Kampala central chairman Charles Musoke Serunjogi.

Sources have confirmed that some of Tinkasimire’s relatives are now happy that Agnes is no more and that their son can now marry his 25 year old girl friend Lynn Mbabazi in December this year.

Lynn Mbabazi returned to Uganda on Friday from wedding shopping spree in Istanbul in Turkey. She is a daughter to Kibale Woman MP Mable Bakeine and she is also a business lady with a boutique in one of the city arcades.

She was also a news reader at UBC but was sacked after she failed to lose weight and viewers would complain to information Minister Karoro Okurut that “she is too big to read news on TV.”

She left the UBC job four months ago. She is happy to be in love with a celebrity MP like Tinkasimire. Lynn Mbabazi confirmed to our reporters that she is in love with Tinkasimire and added that they were already introduced to her parents.

Lynn Mbabazi’s elder sister is Charlotte Kemigisha who is the PRO for UMEME. They are Bakiga from Kibale, just like Tinkasimire. Mbabazi is also a model with Arapapa Models of Santa Anzo.

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