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Konshens Organizing Committee A Total Mess


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We left our meeting place at Lugogo, http://darkon.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/formatting.php Engen petrol station approximately 8:30pm and yet the singer was slated to jet in a few minutes after 10PM on a KLM flight. When we reached Kibuye, jam was a mess that our driver tried to dart in several times but it was useless.

Shortly after we had left Kibuye at around 9:30pm, the leader of the delegation received a phone call that the singer’s plane was taxing in. On hearing this, the driver of the car stepped on the accelerator and we almost flew to Entebbe.

When we were done with the security formalities and reserving the parking, we literally had to run to the arrivals but luckly enough Konshens delayed to get cleared.

The Range rover spot that cahufferd the singer

Konshens was in total shock to find no ladies waiting for him at the airport. “I expected to see a bunch of pretty gals but all I see is a lot of male press personality,” he said.

During all this time, the range rover driven by NBS’ Jeremy supposed to chauffer Konshens to Kampala was nowhere to be seen. So we had to buy more time by encouraging him to pose for more press pictures with individual journalists. Finally Jeremy arrived with the car and we left Entebbe.

The crew waiting in the car where they spent 20 minutes

Konshens Booked in at Imperial Resort Hotel at the Last Hour

Many will be shocked but the truth needs to be told. By the time the guy arrived in Uganda his hotel reservation at the adjacent hotel had not yet been confirmed.

A hungry Konshens looks around

Lysandra remembered that when Konshens had reached the airport. Jeremy and the team diverted the fellow by driving him around to buy time. When this was done, still he had to wait in the car for over twenty minutes.

He later went into the hotel’s lobby as journalists got a one on one photo opportunity with him. To make it worse there was no food for him.

Konshens finally looking disappointed

The hungry singer was only given a bottle of mineral water as the kitchen staff who claimed to be understaffed took forever to deliver the order to his room.

Still he was kept busy with more press interviews in his room until 12:00am when he was given something to eat. And we were finally given a green light to leave the airport.

Journalist Start Yawning

After four hours of waiting, it was time for chosen scribes to take a drink which was strictly a soft drink which even made it worse for those who had not taken a bite before they had left for Entebbe.

An angry Mckenzi with Calvin of UBC

By the time we got to Kibuye, most of my colleagues where fast asleep. With only me, the Driver and Lysandra soundly awake.

War Nearly Breaks Out At the Serena Press conference

Initially the time for the press conference was 1:00pm but we later received messages that it would begin at 2:00pm. Some of us who keep time were already on our way.

It was not until about 4:40pm that the singer in the company of Jose chameleon made it into the reserved conference room.

Things couldn’t get any worse as Lysandra asked the co-sponsors to make very brief statements and gave the press only three slots for Q&A. This didn’t go down well with people like Brian Mckenzie who loudly wondered why we had been invited if we were not going to get a chance to interview Konshens to detail.

Singer Jose Chameleon joins Konshens

To make it worse DJ B2K of Vision Voice radio lost his temper and chased out fellow journalists from the conference hall. It took intervention of strong journalists to stop Mckenzie from taking on the arrogant DJ B2K to school.

Most People didn’t pay for the VIP

I challenge the organizers of the show to prove me wrong on this. Most of the people who accessed VIP simply parted with a paltry 10k to get into the section instead of the 60k. Others actually simply jumped over and joined the party.

No room service yet. Konshens makes his order

It was such an amazing scenario to see some of our sexy girls going about the drill.

Local Musicians chased from Back Stage

It was shocking to hear the MC of the night Mosh ordering Musicians to leave the back stage for the Jamaican singer to make his way to the stage.

There was chaos as the bouncers took out the Musicians and some photo journalists by force. Even the man himself Big Size Bebe Cool was this time not spared.

Konshens Finally Makes Up For the Mess

Jamaican “Gal a Bubble” singer finally made up for all the disorganization and confusion by putting up a spirited show that left most revelers wanting more.

Konshens at the show doing his thing

One thing that cannot be taken away is that Koshens show has been the most successful to be held in any of our sporting venues this year.


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