Pepsi Donates Sh50m To Rotary Cancer Ward


more about geneva;”>The announcement was made by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Simon Lugoloobi during the recent 50th Independence Anniversary Golf Tournament at the Kitante Golf Course.

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“As Uganda celebrates 50 years of independence, we are giving one million shillings for each year towards the Rotary Cancer Ward in Nsambya,” he said.

He explained that cancer is a menace to society.

“Cancer is a silent killer that claims 1.5 million people worldwide every year,” said Lugoloobi.

Receiving the cheque, Rotarian Stephen Mwanje said cancer was the number one killer in the world; more deadly than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined.

According to the World Health Organisation, 22% of all cancers worldwide are the result of a chronic infection and the percentage is growing.

Already, viral and bacterial infections have been identified as a contributing factor in lymphoma, sarcoma, liver cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancer and cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer, for example, is attributed to 500,000 new cases diagnosed worldwide every year and yet it is curable, if caught early.

The donation is in line with CBL’s Corporate Social Responsibility, which extends to sports.

“CBL continues to support our communities by investing in areas which have a positive impact on our people. We are passionate about promoting sports and education in Uganda. We know that supporting these areas is one of the most effective ways of developing young talent in Uganda,” said Lugoloobi.


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