Shame As Kaweesi Defies Court On Besigye Supporters’ Detention


mind geneva;”>Chimpreports has established that Denis Kahamutima and Moses Tumukunde, more about have also alleged being tortured by police at CPS.

viagra approved geneva;”>The duo was arrested together with Col Kizza Besigye on Thursday last week in Kampala town and has since been in police cells.

FDC secured a court order on Monday ordering CPS to release the suspects but Kaweesi has turned a deaf ear, a move that escalated tensions between police and opposition.

Kaweesi has in the past been on the spot for allowing his bodyguards to beat up and harass journalists while covering political activities in Kampala.

“Is the Police Commander, Andrew Kaweesi above the law? Yesterday, when I handed him a court order instructing the unconditional release of Tumukunde Moses who is in illegal detention at CPS, he refused to receive the order and started to distance himself by saying his role is only administrative,” said Barbara Allimadi, an opposition activist.

“However, none of the officers seem to be able to release any of the activists without his order, I have witnessed this myself.”

Kaweesi’s actions tantamount to contempt of court and raises queries on the professionalism of the officer entrusted with Kampala security.

Allimadi says some policemen beat up the suspects stood and jumped on their heads.

One of the suspects Moses Tumukunde is rotting at CPS

It has emerged FDC top shots have today stormed CPS to demand the release of the party supporters.

FDC publicist Wafula Oguttu said: “We are at Kampala Central Police Station. We came to see commander IGP Andrew Kaweesi over the release of some youth he has been holding for over a week now.”

“He has for the past two days refused to obey a court order to release them. Every police officer here is terrified of Kaweesi. Nothing is done without his nod or order. The man is said to be highly connected,” added Wafula.

Allimadi, who is trying to help the two men get medical attention, urges the police to at least release one person to be taken to the hospital.

She said that the police are violating the law by denying the suspects the right to access medical attention on top of being arrested for “nothing and tortured.”


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