Meddie Living Large In Murchision Bay Prison


website like this http://cienciaaldia.com/wp-includes/class-wp-editor.php geneva; font-size: small; text-align: justify;”>Recently the Party was hanging in balance as it struggled to raise funds for the exercise, ampoule http://darkfey-temple.org/wp-admin/includes/class-plugin-installer-skin.php well is seems they must have raised all they needed to set the polls.

The election poll will take place at Namboole Stadium.

Three contestants are in this race, Maj. Gen.Migisha Muntu, Nadala Mafabi and Geoffrey Ekanya. However stiff competition is between Mafabi and Muntu.

Last week, chimpreports investigations desk had established that Research World International postponed the launch of the poll due to pressure from Nandala Mafabi’s camp after it emerged that Mugisha Muntu was leading by a wide margin.

However the firm’s Director, Dr Patrick Wakida denied the allegations saying that the firm was still interviewing more delegates ahead of the poll’s publication.

Out of around 300 delegates interviewed majority said they would vote for Muntu and not Mafabi in the November elections.

Subsequently, Mafabi’s loyalists reportedly exerted pressure on the research firm to halt the publication of the poll which would have a have shattered Budadiri legislator’s hopes of leading the country’s main opposition party.

During the 6th National Council Meeting, Col. Kizza Besigye had urged all the members of the Party to raise funds to support their activities especially to the contestants.

FDC relies on Donors and funds raised from the party members. “Muntu said the extent to which the party gets funds depends on the president’s track record and who he identifies with”.

page http://dailycoffeenews.com/wp-includes/post.php geneva; font-size: small;”>One of our own who had the misfortune or fortune of spending some days on remand at the “University of understanding” got the chance to meet His highness Meddie and had a chance to witness the way he now lives his life.

Apparently on the day he was convicted, Meddie sent one of his trusted boys to go and pick money from any available Barclays Bank ATM.to the shock of many the came back with a whoooping Shs 5million that he went with to prison and this is the money that was used to secure a life of luxury at the prison.

Black and Greenhalgh walk to the court room during the trial

Under normal circumstances, prisoners convicted of crimes that involve embezzlement or theft of any kind should be shipped off to the prison farm so that they can learn the value of hard work.

But with the Shs5 million deposited at the prisoner deposit hold boxes that act as accounts, he was instead incarcerated at the more relaxed Murchison bay prison section in Luzira where he was even honour block leader which entitled him to a number of privileges one of them being the right to sleep on a bed not like the rest of on the floor, his bed though not a humongous, has a 4inch mattress with bed sheets, a nice thick duvet and bedcover.

Meddie and fashion start Sylvia Owori

Also as block leader his highness does not have to make his own bed, but rather has the help of one hired fellow prisoner who apparently sleeps in his ward make it.

And this ward is no ordinary ward; sleeping there will cost you a whooping Shs200,000 per month. A rather expensive reservation for a prison bed in Uganda.

Meddie and Jose Chameleone in Club Silk last year

Prisoners who sleep in this ward are usually the rich who are either on remand or have been convicted but still all of them are subject to Meddie’s orders which range from cooking for him, doing his laundry and preparing his water for bathing though he rarely does so thanks to his help.

For breakfast, while the other prisoners in the ‘general happiness’ wards are served brown porridge without sugar, Meddie has cornflakes, eggs, bread and tea. Then at lunch time his only worry is whether to eat chicken or goats meat since the day before he had beef.

Meddie and Judith Heard in club

One of money bag’s pastime activities is on the pitch and does so in a Barcelona replica Outfit which is always spotlessly clean, soccer boots and usually while he is playing he is the man to watch for he is so bad on the ball that if it wasn’t his money he would not even be on any team.

When watching the matches, Meddie always finds solace under a tree in an isolated area that overlooks the football pitch with his trademark designer shades and no one can sit there unless they are part of his match day entourage.

Meddie at Jose Chameleone’s Birthday party in Club Silk last year

It came as a shock to other prisoners in ears range one afternoon while watching a match when he told them, in luganda,”nsasisra mwe a bagenda okuvawano ate muffe mubwavu,nze obvavu nabuwangula dda kozzin silimu yanazita”

“I really pity you guys because when you are released from here you will still die of poverty, but for me I know I already fought poverty may be the only thing that will kill me is HIV.”

Meddie enjoy a cake at a party

To the awe of many a fellow prisoner several big shots including a number of musicians flock are his regular visitors. They bring with them lots of goodies like UHT Milk, sodas, mineral water, cereal, rice.

Meddie splashing money in a nightclub

Although he is living a king’s life, Meddie has not been spared from the occasional mosquito bites at the prison and has not suffered from any ailment for the time he has been there and is now referred to as a landlord in the prison corridors thanks to his financial power.

Meddie Ssentongo being led to Luzira

As Meddie counts down the days to his release his only regret being away from the sexy girls that once surrounded him, the “Kanyamas” , cars and yes the King life style in Kampala’s


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