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INSIDE STORY: Why Museveni Shopped For Armoured Mercedes Benz


drugs http://ciencialili.org/modules/mod_users_latest/mod_users_latest.php geneva; font-size: small; text-align: justify;”>According to research carried out by Chimpreports, ampoule http://cirnow.com.au/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-theme-install-list-table.php the Shs1.5bn car was introduced to the market in 2008 by the Paris Motor Show.

Much in the style of Mercedes’ ’60s and ’70s Pullman limousines, which were de rigueur transportation for the world highest echelon, the new Pullman was marketed at those demanding the ultimate in luxury – as well as the ultimate in protection.

Inside Museveni’s car

The S600 Pullman Guard comes with Mercedes’ so-called “Highest Protection” safety package, which means that it has been engineered to resistance level B6/B7 against military-standard small-arms projectiles, hand grenades and other explosive charges.

State House sources have told this investigative website that Museveni ordered for a new car following an incident in 2010 in which one his Land Cruiser brand cars caught fire.

The President was travelling for a function in Mbarara when his armored Land Cruiser suddenly started burning at Ruharo.

It later emerged that the car was of poor quality not befitting the stature of a Head of State.

Museveni’s car is armoured and tested against AK 47 bullets and grenades

Special Forces Group sources say Museveni “can do anything even out of his means” to ensure his safety.

Several officials in the engineering department of State House were subsequently arrested and later sacked for jeopardizing security of the President.

Sources further said Museveni also has a penchant for Mercedes Benz, considering he immediately went for the Cross Country shortly after capturing power in 1986.

Another incident that compelled Museveni to get interest in the Mercedes Benz was a botched assassination plan against then head of military intelligence Brig James Mugira in 2010 at the CMI headquarters along Kitante Road in Kampala.

The planners were arrested and confessed that there were other plans being masterminded by Al Shabaab to harm the President.


With the Pullman, commonly known as Mercedes Limousine, Museveni’s security is guaranteed.

With the armor protection and thick windows, the S600 Pullman features among the heaviest doors ever encountered. It’s also one of the biggest.

The car is sleek and long

Underhood, Mercedes’ twin-turbo V12 provides the massive Pullman with what Mercedes calls “effortless” motivation. The 517-horsepower engine allows the Pullman to get out of a “danger zone” rapidly, according to the automaker.

The S600 Pullman Guard is aimed at high-ranking individuals who require added security in addition to luxury. Each car is individually tailored.

This vehicle is heavily armored and designed to withstand small arms fire, grenade attacks as also fragments from explosions.

According to Jagran Post, the windows and windshields have a 60 mm polycarbonate coating which acts as a splinter shield. Its 90 liter fuel tank is self sealing while there is also a fire extinguisher onboard just in case.

An emergency air supply system has been installed to help in case of an attack.

This is where Museveni puts his glass of milk while being driven around

A rear surveillance camera alerts the driver in case of an ambush.

Bullet proof tires can run at maximum speed of 80 kmph for about 30 km in case of an attack with total loss of air pressure.

Seating arrangement inside the car has been designed so as to allow the President to have face to face meetings if he wants to.

There is an integrated communication system with interior and exterior microphones which allow for the President to communicate with people outside.

Leather upholstery, GPS modules and Tele Aid allow for the President to be connected to the outside world even while travelling.

There is a panic button which when once triggered shuts all doors and windows from inside. The car is powered by a V12 bi turbo engine.

This is where the President sits


Needless to say, the clientele is select, reported leftlanenews.com in 2008.

Mercedes took a standard S600 sedan, stretched the wheelbase 115 centimeters (for an overall length of 6,356 millimeters) and gave the rear window a steeper rake for more headroom in the rear.

That rear area is, as would be expected, the lap of luxury.

It is divided from the black-upholstered chauffeur’s section (traditional limousines always featured black leather for chauffeurs) by an electrotransparent partition that provides both sight and sound barriers between front and rear.

The panel can either be opaque or clear depending on whether an electric current is applied. An intercom, high-end audio, 19 inch flat screen display, DVD player, refrigerator and wood trim are all standard.

The rear compartment is set up for satellite Internet access. Electric roller blinds can shield the entire passenger compartment.


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