Haliima Angry Over Ug@ 50 Celebrations Ditch


more about geneva;”>Haliima who was speaking on one of our local stations wondered why they had to choose singers like Juliana Kanyomozi and Jackie Chandiru who she claims could not perfectly represent the history of 60’s and 80’s music industry.

viagra geneva;”>She went further to attack today’s musicians who plagiarize foreign singer’s songs. “Some of the songs are coupled with a lot of bubblegum music which is meaningless and has abusive language that encourages hate, this web ” said Haliima.

To throw the last spanner in the maze she said she was not happy with the aides of the Museveni because they failed to connect her to talk to the President about funding the fistula treatment drive for Northern Ugandan women during the insurgency there.

She claims she only needed Shs 30m which was not much for the President.

Now this is one very angry woman.


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