PHOTOS: Museveni’s New Sleek Mercedes Benz Turns Heads At Kololo


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Esther Nabaasa arrives for the Golden Independence Jubilee celebrations

The black machine will be used to transport the head of state in an official capacity to attend high profile functions in and out of the country.

On a state visit, Chimpreports has established, the Mercedes will always be transported for official use by the President and First Lady Janet Museveni upon his arrival.

President Yoweri Museveni arrives for the Independence celebrations

It will also serve as an automotive symbol of the head of state and Uganda.

According to our research, part of the criteria for an official state car is to have adequate security, capability and stateliness for its duty.

Due to the high security risk for the passengers, the Special Forces Group (SFG), an elite force that protects the life of the president, will maintain the car is heavily secured and protected.

Syda Bumba arrives for the celebrations at Kololo ceremonial grounds

Such vehicles may be armored by the manufacturer or an after-market specialist. When dignitaries are on board, state vehicles are usually surrounded by a motorcade consisting of police and military personnel.

There were electrifying musical perfomances

The vehicle’s driver might also be from the law enforcement or military pool, with the driver of the United States Presidential State Car being an experienced agent from the Secret Service and the driver of the British Prime Minister’s car being a specially trained SAS driver.

Thousands turned up for Independence celebrations

In Uganda, Museveni’s car is chauffeured by experienced drivers from the army and police. In most cases, they are commandos.

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