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INVESTIGATION: Kazinda’s Last Kicks To Evade Justice

hospital http://cooperativenet.com/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/mvc/class.mvc_controller.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Detectives are investigating reports that Kazinda is putting to good use millions of shillings suspected to have been stolen from OPM to incite his former staff members and bring down the entire leadership there.

tadalafil http://ccresourcecenter.org/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor.php geneva;”>Over the weekend, http://corephysio.ca/scripts/form/language/ukrainian-windows-1251.php Kazinda reportedly held a meeting with his friends at his Bukoto mansion where he vowed to bring down officials in OPM who blew the whistle that exposed his plunder of public coffers.

Kazinda was arrested a few months ago in connection with embezzlement, gross abuse of office that saw government lose billions of shillings in bogus deals after hiding for over a month.

Detectives told Chimpreports they suspect Kazinda is trying to buy sympathy from the public by posing as a victim of infighting at OPM and also divert the course of the investigation into his alleged fraudulent deals.

On Sunday, Kazinda and his men reportedly authored an anonymous document purporting to be representing staff of OPM which was sent to journalists and Parliament calling for an investigation into two officials at OPM – Mr. Pius Bigirimana – Permanent Secretary and his Deputy Mrs Flavia Waduwa – Undersecretary / Northern Uganda and Karamoja Programmes.

They claimed police was shelving them from investigation.

However, detectives told us that at first they thought the two top officials had a hand in loss of money at OPM but after a series of investigations, they realized Kazinda was the main architect of impunity.

“The conflict arouse in February 2012, when the three officers diverted donor funds for PRDP (Peace, Recovery and Development of Northern Uganda) amounting to over Uganda shs. 14,000,000,000/= (fourteen billion) to a secret account outside the mainstream Budget and Policy Statement of the Office of the Prime Minister,” part of the anonymous document read in part.

“The intention of the three top OPM officers was to keep the Auditor General and Politicians from Northern Uganda in the dark given that the defunct account where the money was kept has never been captured in the OPM Policy Statement for any financial year.

It was alleged that the funds on an account, “Crisis Management and Recovery” managed by Bigirimana and Kazinda were mismanaged.

We have learned that the 14billion donor funds were released in December from a holding Account managed by Accountant General at Bank of Uganda to Crisis Management and Recovery Account operated by Office of the Prime Minister without the knowledge of the Bigirimana.


But detectives said Kazinda started operating this account using forged security papers to withdraw cash and pay companies for Air supply of Relief food recommended by the Commissioner for Disaster.

“This is evidenced from the Security documents together with Invoices and Local Purchase Orders recovered from his home and Bank of Uganda. When the Accounting Officer (Bigirimana) discovered money had been released without his knowledge, he demanded to know how the money came,” said a detective handling the OPM investigation.

Kazinda responded by providing a letter signed by Accountant General together with his Commissioner Management Services. The letter was backdated.

Kazinda told Bigirimana that the money was within the OPM ceilings and had been released to respond to earlier requests made to Permanent Secretary/Secretary to the Treasury who had responded indicating that he had no funds then.

The rest of the money, said Kazinda, was used to finance the programmes that were related to Crisis, Recovery and Disaster.

Detectives said closing of Accounts is the responsibility of the Accountant General who is in the first place recommends opening of Accounts.

“This question will be put to the Accountant General and Bank of Uganda why the Account was not closed,” a detective who is not authorized to speak to press, told us on condition of anonymity.

It has also emerged that the inflated Shs3.8bn paid by Kazinda and Martin Owori to a fuel station in Ntinda is being audited and the CID are investigating the deposit.

It is alleged Bigirimana sent away four procurement officers within a period of three years because of questioning activities Waduwa in the Contracts Committee. Detectives said Waduwa latter does not sit on this Committee when she is handling duties of Permanent Secretary because that would be conflict of interest.

Police have also failed to trace any illegality in a contract to a one Henry Walusimbi for the construction of the 54 Acholi cheifs houses.

“All the cement used to build 54 Chiefs Houses were bought by OPM and technical reports were made by Ministry of Works and Hydraform South Africa. The accountability was made and auditing was done. Inspector General of Government also issued a report on this matter,” said a source.

While appearing before detectives last month, Bigirimana said Kazinda’s transfer was prompted by his professional misconduct such as manipulation of the programme items, failure to have IFMS connections to Heads of Department, failure to provide expenditure balances to Heads of Department, failure to follow Accountability Regulations and co-mingling of funds.

His elusive behavior in the management of financial matters was also a matter of concern.

Police was requested to apprehend Kazinda who had disappeared for close to one month and a half and yet he was required to prepare Final Accounts as required under the Treasury Accounting Instructions and the Public Finance and Accountability Act.

He was also required to handover since he was on transfer.

Bigirimana, who had never visited Kazinda before, was compelled to move to Bukoto when he came to learn that actually Kazinda was not hospitalized in Nairobi as had been claimed.

An inquiry on Shs1.5 bn to Farm Engineering Limited has discovered that this was in line with the provisions of the contract after producing a guarantee.

“This was done because the rainy season was coming and the office had not received funds under Northern Uganda and Karamoja. Northern Uganda had received no release at all,” said a source.

Need For Cure

Intelligence sources noted that the integrated Financial Management System has many shortcomings which must be cured.

“The system is being abused massively by those who manage it. It is possible that Data Base Mangers can assign responsibilities of Accounting Officers to Principal Accountants who can then validate, authorize invoice approvals and effect payments,” detectives said.

“Calling for a Judicial Commission of Inquiry may not be necessary since there is a Forensic Audit being conducted by two credible teams, one by Auditor General and the other by a Forensic Team from United Kingdom Government. Coupled with that, is the Team of CIDs investigating the forgery cases. It is only fair that these bodies produce their report instead of wasting Parliament’s time for Legislation,” a source added.

Chimpreports has taken an initiative to investigate corruption in the OPM’s office to the end.

Some of the issues detectives are zeroing on include: Were funds removed from OPM without the knowledge of Bigirimana? Were his signatures forged by Kazinda? Did Owori benefit from fraudulent fuel transactions with a fuel station in Ntinda.

We shall treat this saga as a developing story.


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