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Police Refuse to Release Besigye Supporters

price geneva;”>Denis Kahamutima and Moses Tumukunde who are being held at Central Police Station, web allege that some policemen beat them up, stood and jumped on their heads.

Barbara Allimandi, an FDC Activist said that one’s head has swollen and he complains of a severe headache and pain all around his body.

The Two were arrested together with Besigye on Thursday last week in town and have since been in police cells.

Allimandi who is trying to help the two men get medical attention urges the police to at least release one person to be taken to the hospital.

She said that the police is violating the law by denying them the right to access medical attention on top of being arrested for nothing and “tortured”.

Allimandi said if the Police refuses to release them today Monday, they are filing a case in court against them.

“The conditions in which the two guys are in is terrifying and it is right to file for a case in court if a person is not released within 48 hours of arrest,” she said.

She urges the Middle Class Ugandans to step up and fight for the rights of the lower class Ugandans. “How can Uganda be celebrating 50 Years of Independence when innocent people are suffering under the police force?” she asked.

Kahamutima is said to be the Besigye’s gardener and Tumukunde is the guy who was driving when they were arrested.


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