Besigye Attacked At His Home

capsule website http://citrusresearch.org/wp-includes/bookmark-template.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Besigye says he had stayed home the whole day and at around 8pm his visitors were blocked from entering the compound. “When my visitors called me to rescue them, approved visit http://comeandcheck.it/wp-includes/feed-rss.php I went outside only to find a big metallic tyre cutter at my gate” he said.

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Activists being blocked from entering Besigye’s compound

He said there was also a police van with its number plates covered with a white polythene paper and many armed police people loitering around the compound.

Police look on as Activists are denied access to see Besigye

“When I removed the metal and put it inside the gate, the police rushed immediately to catch me. They started fighting with me, beat me and I also fought back. After minutes of a long struggle, I strongly pushed the police men away and immediately entered the small gate and closed it with the blockade still inside the compound,” said Besigye.

The metallic tyre cutter that was used to block Besigye’s vistors from entering his house

Besigye says a policeman who was in charge then ordered the others to break the gate and arrest the colonel. “They kept on banging the gate for a long time until I decided to carry the metal inside the house. I called Sam Angoliga, FDC Secretary for Security affairs and waited to take action in case anyone tried to break into my house,”.

Sam Angaligo FDC Secretary for Security Affairs speaks to the police

He further said that he had the right to beat up anyone who tried to trespass on his property and the police has no right to arrest him. “I have a primary duty to defend myself, my family, my property and I cannot apologize for it,” he added on.

“It is Angoliga who later alerted everyone, the media and persuaded the police not to break inside the compound,” said Besigye.

However the police issued a statement today Monday saying that they were just patrolling until Besigye came to interrupt their duties.

Besigye who has CCTV cameras in his compound said that he recorded everything and will present it as evidence in court in case the police tried to do something shady.

Activists look on as Angaligo speaks to the police to allow them enter

He went on to say that the police is engaged in a game of deception because Kaweesa had allowed him move freely but Omara says he cannot go anywhere.

“If the police is the aggressor, where will the citizens go? We have nowhere to report,” he lamented.

Angaligo insists on having FDC press conference with the journalists

Besigye says last year still the police illegally surrounded his home for two weeks until he went to court and got order for police to go way. “The court clearly stated that a place of detention must be a gazetted place, so why should the police hinder me from moving freely around my house?” he asked.

He commented on Kaweesa’s accusations that he is planning a rebellion saying he holds Kaweesa and that rather than investigating, he goes to the media to campaign.

“Let him get a search warrant and investigate, if he gets any evidence he can arrest and charge me,” said Besigye.

Added on to say that it is a paradox that on the 50th Independence of Uganda when people are supposed to be a peace, citizens have no right to movement.

Besigye cautions Ugandans to use this Golden Jubilee celebration to reflect on what has happened in the last 50 years and dedicate themselves to change all the aspects that keep people in suffering conditions.

“I convey a message to all Ugandans low and high that on behalf of the Party and all peace loving people who are involved in the struggle, that we wish everyone peace during this occasion,” said Besigye.

Besigye addresses journalists

Besigye, Wafula and Angaligo addressing journalists


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