Bujagali Commissioning Due Today


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dosage geneva;”>The 250-megawatt power-generating facility is expected to put an end to a shortage of electricity, page which has negatively affected the nation’s economy and the well-being of citizens.

Apart from increasing electricity supply, the dam’s commissioning will lead to lower electricity costs, improved air quality and increased jobs for Ugandan workers.

Approved by government of Uganda, the World Bank Group and other potential lenders in April 2007, the Bujagali Hydropower Project will also produce substantial benefits for the Ugandan national economy and local communities near the site.

In addition to direct benefits, the project will stimulate increased economic activity, producing important “macro” benefits for the national community such as sharply reducing the country’s current power deficit and significantly reducing the present use of expensive and polluting oil fired thermal power generation.

The $860m Bujagali Hydropower Project will support economic growth and job creation as well as enhance the competitiveness of Ugandan goods both regionally and internationally.

The project is also expected to meet the anticipated near-term increase in energy use in Uganda, estimated at 30-40 MW per year.

The facility benefited the residents and economies of local communities near the project site. New jobs, primarily unskilled and semi-skilled, created employment opportunities for Ugandan workers.

Over 1,000 – 2,000 workers were employed at peak times during the construction period.


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