Gen Kayihura: I Never Saw My Dad


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and geneva; font-size: small;”>The two leaders expressed their tributes on Saturday during the memorial ceremony for John Kale, who was described as a brave human being, and immortal. President Museveni laid a muslin at John Kale`s resting place, at the

Rwanyonga family home in Gisoro, Nyakabande in Kisoro District before he addressed a rally at Nyakabande play ground where he declared that government will construct an Institute “John Kale Memorial Institute” in memory of Kale`s contribution to this country.

John Kale is the father of Inspector General of Police Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura. The function was attended by government’s officials, ministers from within and outside Uganda including the Inspector General of Police of Rwanda, Emmanuel Gasana and others.

Museveni was impressed by the testimonies given about Late John Kale, and he assured the people of Kisoro that death is not the end of everything as long as one has left behind good legacy.

The President noted that Late Kale died long time ago but due to his colossal contribution to this country, God brought up his family into useful people like Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, whom he described as one of the most disciplined Ugandan.

He urged young people to be useful biologically and ideologically and strive to be patriotic and emulate heroes like John Kale who fought for self-independence of Uganda.

He also commended Dr. Mohamed whom he said handled well Africa Liberation Movement and also thanked the government of Egypt for its contribution towards independence of Africa.

Dr. Faik Mohamed, said Kale was a sample of strong ties of two countries Uganda and Egypt, he remembered Kale went to Egypt to represent his country seeking support for the decolonization revolution.

He said Kale was able to mobilize the whole World through the famous Cairo Radio that broadcasted to most of Africa and the Middle East.

Cairo Radio played an effective role in mobilizing for the Uganda Trade Boycott of 1959.

Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura told the congregation, that he was not lucky to see his father at all that what he knows about his father is what he read and what was told to him.

He paid tribute to the Catholic Church who humbled themselves and made an apology for excommunicating his father.

When his father died and his body brought for burial, Catholics refused to bury him urging they couldn’t associate themselves with a socialist.

John Kale was born 1932. Studied at Mutolere Primary school and later joined Kitabi Seminary, before completing his secondary education at

St.Mary`s College Kisubi 1951.

In1952, he enrolled at Makerere University College to study veterinary medicine.


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