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Kagame’s New Scheme To End Reliance On Foreign Aid


more about http://cinemalogue.com/wp-includes/comment.php geneva;”>“Why should a citizen of another country have an obligation to feed me forever? This is almost blasphemy, ask http://comunidad.mochileros.com.mx/wp-admin/includes/screen.php ” said Kagame during a key address to professionals who had gathered at Kigali Serena Hotel to contribute to the dignity fund commonly known as Agaciro on Friday.

visit geneva;”>Kagame listens to speakers giving contributions to Agaciro

Kagame urged Rwanda young professionals to “do things differently, and think differently”

“If you are getting money from a customer you must treat them importantly. You are not doing them a favour. You must help our people to be very demanding, by having work done and work done properly,” observed Kagame whose plan is to ensure the country’s self reliance in the near future.

The President prepares to give a key address to Rwandan professionals

“You should always be proud of who you are, but always plan to improve and better yourself. People get satisfied with little or nothing. Ask yourself what is enough. Don’t accept mediocrity,” he advised.

The Rwandan leader said the culture of reliance on aid must come to an end

“We have very high ambitions but very little resources but we shall get there. Our choice is that you all continue to march forward,” said Kagame.

He expressed joy that the professionals who gathered at Serena and those they represent, should be the invincible army of the nation

“We ask for your understanding and commitment. This fund helps us bring in friends from near and far,” he said.

“I am glad to say that this is our ideology at RPF. We need to realize it ourselves and something all Africans need,” said Kagame.

The President hailed all Rwandans that have contributed to the fund.

“When you are hungry, you don’t complain, you just look for food,” he said.

The President is welcomed at Serena Hotel by a group of Rwandan professionals

He also noted that after the war in 1994 that put an end to genocide, RPF leader had no salaries for two years a huge sum of money that was later used to “rebuild the country.”

“Every challenge has a silver lining, we need to learn never to despair even in the hardest of times. We should confront and overcome challenges,” he added.

“Your generation is the one we have been waiting for. So you better stand up to be worth the expectation. How less important are you from others? Professional means you have done great things that have put you in that category. You should always be proud of who you are, but always plan to improve and better yourself,” Kagame cautioned.

Rwandan professionals pose for pictures with President Kagame

“There are clear choices to be made. I look at all of you here and through you I see a future for Rwanda. After this what next? Agaciro is about you, me and our future. It’s about the value we want to give to our country,” the Rwanda leader maintained.

Kenya Commercial Bank pledged RWF 40m to Agaciro while Crystal Ventures pledged RWF 50m.

Rwandan professionals pose for pictures with President Kagame

On behalf of Ujenge Ltd, Patrick Sebatigita contributed RWF 10m.

Chimp Corps recently quoted officials as saying the Agaciro Development Fund is a Rwanda’s first solidarity fund based on voluntary donations.

This Fund was initiated by Rwandans, at the 2011 Umushyikirano (National Dialogue), to fast-track and own their development and improve the level of financial autonomy of Rwanda as a nation.

Kagame said Rwandans should work hard if they are to live a decent life


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