Museveni Orders Restrictions On Import Of Live Stock Drugs


buy information pills geneva;”>He, pill therefore, ampoule asked the Ministry to ensure that all animal drugs are got direct from the authorized manufacturing firms or their approved agents.

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The President was on Friday afternoon launching a short documentary on milk production and processing at Kampala Sheraton Hotel at a function organized by SAMEER Agriculture Livestock Limited.

The occasion also coincided with firm’s celebrations marking 6 years of its operations in Uganda.

Mr Museveni stressed that all animal drugs must be imported by authorized companies that have the technical capacity or their approved agents who will be accountable.

He also urged the Agriculture Ministry officials to educate farmers on how to improve pastures for animals in the country along with animal feeds and adequate water in order to ensure more milk yield.

President Museveni was reacting to remarks by SAMEER’s Managing Director, Mr. Anoop Sharma, who pointed out that their company’s daily milk production has shot up from 20,000 litres in 2006 to the current output of 300,000 litres adding that a production peak of 500,000 litres could be realized had it not been for lack of milk.

The President congratulated SAMEER for coming to Uganda’s rescue as far as adding value to milk is concerned.

He likened the company to the Biblical “Good Samaritan” who are today injecting US$20 million into government coffers.

The President highly commended farmers in the country for their positive response to his call to engage in improved dairy farming.

He said that because of their response, the country had seen more milk production since 1986 although there still room to make milk production much higher than it is currently.

He reminded the people of Uganda whose milk consumption stands at an average of 54 litres per year when the internationally recommended milk consumption should be 210 litres per person per year.

He, however, noted that the current average milk consumption, though still low, is much better than the 18 litres per person per year in 1986.

He stressed the need for dairy farmers to boost milk yield since SAMEER is ready to purchase more milk to hit a target of 1 million litres daily.

Minister of State for Animal Industry, Hon. Bright Rwamirama, pointed out that Uganda has all reasons to celebrate her Independence Golden Jubilee as the dairy industry has reversed the trend that existed before 1986 when the country imported powder.

He was happy to note that Uganda is currently realizing an output of 1.8 billion litres of milk annually. He reported that SAMEER exports milk products to over 15 countries in Africa and beyond.


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