UPE PROBE: Heads To Roll As Museveni Receives Damming Dossier


sick geneva;”>The report was handed over to the President on Friday at State House, price Nakasero by the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry, Mr. Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi.

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President Museveni swore-in the members of the Commission on December 18, 2009.

According to the findings, there is gross mismanagement of funds under the UPE and USE programmes mainly due to systematic issues and laxity on the part of key players in the implementation of policies and programs leading to loopholes for the creation of ghost pupils, students, teachers and schools, among others.

The Commission, therefore, has recommended that all officials responsible for creating ghosts in the system such as head-teachers, District Education Officers, Inspectors of Schools, Commissioner for Education (USE), Uganda Computer Services officials and Public Service payroll managers, both at district and central levels, should face sanctions.

The Commission further recommends that future Commission of Inquiries should not be placed under the control or influence of a Ministry or department being investigated or inquired into, adding that a separate vote and Accounting Officer be appointed for that purpose to avoid conflict of interest, mistrust, suspicion, compromise, influence or control over the investigation or inquiry.

Some other highlights of the Commission’s findings on UPE and USE funds’ mismanagement, at school level, are head-teachers who are central in the scam while the Ministry of Public Service section that allots Personal Numbers for teachers, as well as computer services of the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development are the perpetrators of ghost teachers.

The Commission also found out a plan to defraud government of large sums of money in form of false salary arrears’ claims, inflated salary scales for both ghost teachers and those genuinely in service, among other perpetrations by officials involved in the mismanagement practices.


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