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Kampala Pastor Arrested For Rape, Robbery


information pills geneva;”>According to the police, Pastor Tony was reportedly arrested in Mulimura zone in Bukoto during the wee hours of Tuesday night for robbing four of his clients with a machine gun.

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He had a lot of money which the police suspected to be more than Shs19m.

Tony’s followers said that they were called for overnight prayers by the pastor and each one had to come with Shs50, 000 in order to receive the morning glory blessings from the man of God.

Tired of the pastor’s militaristic means to get Church tithe, they decided to tip off the police.

After the morning prayers, four businessmen had managed to leave without giving him any money but they were followed by Tony’s goons who beat and robbed them on gunpoint.

It was at this point that the police patrol was informed and immediately rushed at the scene in Mulimura zone where they found Pastor Tony receiving the money he had stolen from his congregation.

Several victims had reported the pastor at police to have raped them and robbed people of their valuables on gunpoint which forced the detectives to start monitoring his activities.

Upon interrogation, Tony revealed where one of his boys had hidden the gun in Nakawa Industrial area.

He confessed stealing the gun from one of the security companies in Kampala town before he resorted to preaching three years ago.

Unfortunately, all the people he has been collaborating with are on the run and the police is looking for them.

Detectives at Kiira Road Police station said the notorious preacher had been a wanted man over a wide range of crimes.

“He has been creating instability in this zone under the pretence of being a pastor but now that we have caught him, he will be taken to court to answer for his charges,’’ sources told Chimpreports.

The police said he will also be charged for heading a church that has never been registered and grooming thieves instead of upgrading morals in the community.

A case file under number CRB 3, 10, 12, 2012 and assault of SD 03, 10,13,2012 has been opened.


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