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Kampala Hacker Steals Shs100m, Arrested On Date With Girlfriend


about it view geneva;”>He was arrested after reportedly hacking into emails of Oasis Investment Group and Labour Export in Ntinda.

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He had stolen more than 100m from its clients who are part of real estate dealers and Labour Export in Europe.

Ismail used the Oasis account to ask more 155 workers who were preparing to go to Dubai for petty jobs in foreign countries to pay Shs500, 000 each as the directives from the boss of the company.

He again asked the customers in real estate to pay Shs1m to get a new plot of land at the reduced price as part of Uganda Jubilee celebration.

The Company boss in Dubai, who preferred anonymity, said several clients made complaints demanding for their land and houses which he knew nothing about.

So he contacted security in Uganda which mounted a search for Ismail.

Some members of Western Union security team had informed police about his acts after several customers had stormed their branches demanding for their money.

At the time of his arrest, Ismail had taken his girl friend out at Chillies restaurant in Ntinda.

The police first arrested his girlfriend as she had gone to the wash room to confirm if Ismail was the one because they did not know him physically and she directed them to where he was seated.

The detectives released complaints made by more than 150 clients who have been duped by this man.

Ismail is said to have worked for URA in the Information and Technology department before he was fired for hacking into several people’s accounts and taking their money.

He also has several criminal cases at Makindye police station over the issues of stealing, raping and hacking.

According to Ibin Ssekumbi, spokesperson Kampala Metropolitan, according to the new law, Ismail will be charged with information technology and white collar theft.


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