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US Hails AMISOM On Kismayo Seizure


web http://cultnews.com/wp-admin/includes/class-plugin-upgrader-skin.php geneva;”>“Al-Shabaab’s departure from Kismayo demonstrates continued momentum by pro-government forces against this terrorist organization, site ” said Victoria Nuland, stuff the state Department’s Spokesperson.

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“It is clear that al-Shabaab’s extremist views and violent tactics have no future in a modern Somalia that is seeking to rebuild after more than two decades of conflict,” said Victoria.

AMISOM forces last week seized the Al Shabaab stronghold as the terrorists fled.

“The United States calls on all forces present in and around Kismayo to ensure full respect for international human rights and humanitarian law. We urge rapid establishment of an inclusive political framework to ensure the city is governed in the interest of all its citizens and of other Somalis who depend on its port,” said Victoria.


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