UPC: We Are Stepping Up Efforts To Oust Museveni


sildenafil http://christiansforve.org.au/wp-admin/includes/class-theme-installer-skin.php geneva; font-size: small;”>“UPC has played the most important role in the struggle of Uganda’s Independence and is once again willing to liberate Ugandans from the dictatorship of Museveni, http://costpricesupplements.com.au/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-product-external.php ” said Lucima.

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He said UPC traces its political lineage from Uganda National Congress which was at forefront of the struggle of independence in receiving power from the colonialists in 1962.

Lucima assured the nation that when tragedy befell Uganda in 1971 in a military coup, it was still UPC at the forefront which liaised with other countries like Tanzania and led the country out of the conflict.

In the 1980 presidential elections UPC still merged out victorious, said Lucima.

“1n 1986 when Museveni came to power, it was UPC that rejected the government of the Sergeants of Luwero and decided to take political actions until 2005 when they allowed political parties to participate in the elections,” he said.

Lucima emphasized that as long as there is inequality, discrimination, unemployment, corruption, tribalism, segregation in Uganda, the works of UPC, Milton Obote and their contemporaries is not yet done.

He said the party will fight until it liberates Ugandans from the “corrupt government.”

He said UNC, which can also be referred to as UPC, put the interest of the country above the narrow interest of the Party in accommodating the needs and demands of Buganda in 1962 and is willing to fight the more until Museveni is out of power.

“No like NRM which puts the interest of the party against citizens of Uganda,” said Lucima.

He urged Ugandans to take up the responsibility of being their brethren’s keepers and fight against NRM’s dictatorial rule.

“Make the country free, democratic and open for everyone regardless of what political party or tribe they belong to,” he added on.

He also said that UPC will not be part of the Uganda Golden Jubilee celebrations at Kololo because there is absolutely no reason to celebrate.

“Citizens are being rounded up on the streets, buildings demolished and children are going hungry every night. Instead Ugandans should remember those courageous leaders who fought to liberate our country,” said Lucima.

On the issue on the recent walk to freedom demonstrations, Lucima said to bring down the government is not through one means but there are many forms in which to use.

Lucima appealed to all UPC members and Ugandans to redouble their efforts and fight Museveni regime out of power.

He also said that the Party public events are going on smoothly without interference and that they have completed the West Nile and Acholi sub-region.


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