Libyans Exchange their Weapons for Electronic Equipment


visit this site geneva;”>Some of the weapons handed over include Assault rifles, price hand guns, machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers and tanks.

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This activity was part of a disarmament drive organized by the army to target militia groups.

The killing of the US Ambassador Christopher Stevens two weeks ago, along with three other Americans prompted authorities in Libya to take action against the militias that stand as the Country’s most important security threat.

Libya’s interim leader, Mohammed Magarief, after the killing on September 11 vowed to disband all illegal militias.

The government of Libya estimated that over 200,000 people in the country are armed especially anti-Gaddafi fighters.

Most of the people who gave their weapons were the former anti-Gaddafi fighters.

According to BBC news reports, one of the organizers in Benghazi, Ahmed Salem, said that over 800 citizens had handed in weapons at the main collection point and 600 different types of arms were collected.

“In Tripoli, two tanks were among the weapons handed in by at least 200 former fighters at Martyrs’ Square,” BBC reports.

According to the Army’s chief-of-staff, this activity shows that there is need for stability in Libya.


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