Besigye: Why We Are Protesting


malady http://coronaextra.com.au/wp-includes/registration.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Speaking to Chimpreports a few hours before his arrest, erectile Besigye said there is very little for Ugandans to celebrate during the Independence anniversary but quickly added there was hope for the next 50 years “because people are now empowered to demand better.”

abortion geneva; font-size: small;”>The FDC ironman said since Uganda got Independence from Britain in 1962, the situation has changed from better to worse and the country is still lagging backward.

“Political control has not changed; every leader has to be bombed out of office. Museveni had to abolish term limits using manipulative means, elections are just a cover, people struggle to make ends meet and infrastructure has degenerated,” said Besigye.

“Health has collapsed completely, standards of education are poor, people are embezzling funds in billions every day, poverty has intensified and unemployment has become order of the day,” he added on.

He also said that there will be two types of citizens to celebrate the Uganda Golden Jubilee.

“1% of citizens who are doing well and developed will be rejoicing and dancing well as the 99% of us who will be mourning and seriously reflecting on how to get out of this misery,” said Besigye.

The outgoing FDC president was today briefly held alongside other opposition leaders by police for organizing protests in Kampala.

Besigye maintained there was no longer respect for people’s will, arguing almost half of Kampala City is being targeted for demolition by Jennifer Musisi – who was appointed by President Museveni.

“People struggle to make ends meet and you go scatter their hopes, this is a clear trend of marginalising the majority of Uganda and it is time to say enough is enough,” he said.

Meanwhile, Besigye urged the party members at the FDC National Council Meeting held at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi last Thursday to remain focused and make necessary sacrifices in order to cause change.

“The recent elections have showed that money does not determine an election outcome. People are standing firm against any intimidation,” he added on.

He also assured FDC members that recent by-election victories should not make them relax or think they will win, that unless fundamental reforms are taken, the outcome will be the same as before.

He concluded by saying he will give all the possible support to whoever is elected the President of the Party but if they mess it up he will be forced to take back the seat as the Leader, sending delegates into rib-cracking laughter.


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