Museveni To Support Mayombo Memorial Activities

order geneva; font-size: small;”>He also noted that the availability of food along with household income generation is the foundation of development.

approved geneva; font-size: small;”>The President was addressing Christians and well wishers during the fundraising function yesterday towards the completion of St. Andrew’s Ihani Church of Uganda in Rwenzori Diocese, health Kabarole district.

He made cash contribution of Shs30 million and also pledged Shs50 million to the completion project of the church.

The project requires Shs600 million to be fully completed. The church project was started by the late Rev. James Rabwoni, father of late Defence Permanent Secretary, Brigadier Noble Mayombo.

“If people have food and household income, the building of churches like this one becomes easy. Development comes from household income which is the foundation of development. To develop a country, like Uganda, requires all Ugandans to emerge out of poverty,” he said.

“Yes we need 600 million to complete this church. If there were 600 rich people, each would contribute 1 million shillings and the work would be done. The 47 million already in cash might have come from the Kampala people only,” said the President.

Museveni said that the few rich people have a lot of pressure because on top of supporting other societal development projects and activities, they must also cater for their families demands.

He observed that if there were many rich people, such fundraisings would be easy. He, therefore, said that all leaders and the rich should strive and stress to the wananchi the need and essence of improving household incomes to ease developmental work for all people.

President urged the people of Uganda to use their talents and harness the fertile soils and plenty of rainfall in Uganda and aspire to be rich through improved household projects.

The President announced that the UPDF Engineering and Construction Brigade will construct the church building free of charge using the materials provided by the church.

He also pledged support to all efforts aimed at remembering the good work the late Rev. Rabwoni and his late son Brigadier Mayombo rendered to Uganda.

The former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defence passed away in 2007 under mysterious circumstances.

Museveni lauded the people of Kabarole district for voting NRM government at all levels during the 2011 general elections.

Rwenzori diocesan Prelate, the Rt. Rev. Reuben Kisembo, commended President Museveni for the cooperation that obtains between State and the Church.

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